Good Trouble season 2 episode 2 video: Callie’s uncertain future

Freeform LogoEntering Good Trouble season 2 episode 2, it feels like Callie’s in a one-step-forward, one-step-back sort of situation. She’s had a lot of opportunities as of late because of her clerkship, but it seems like she can’t help but continue to look ahead to what’s on the other side of it.

It’s not hard to comprehend where Callie is coming from in terms of restlessness — Judge Wilson is not the best of employers. He may be fair at times, but he’s infuriating at others. His point of view couldn’t be more different than Callie’s when it comes to some matters of the law. We know she doesn’t want to be there forever, and because of what’s going on with Malika, she may not end up having much of a choice. There’s a very-real possibility that Callie ends up needing to go in a different direction career-wise, hence why some of the interviews she goes on are so valuable (you can check that out in the sneak peek that CarterMatt has for you below).

Yet, there’s another problem here with one of them in the ACLU — Callie still has to pass the Bar first. Knowing the way that this show loves to give you the struggle, we wouldn’t be altogether shocked that she puts too many eggs in this basket, she doesn’t pass the Bar right away, and that leaves her in a pretty impossible spot where she’s stuck in career quicksand. One of Callie’s biggest problems has been being able to commit to any one thing or one person, and in this case, it could come back to bite her. She’s focusing on so much that it’s hard to be a master at anything. You need to be an expert in order to do some of this stuff … and that’s not even talking about what’s going on romantically. We know that there’s been a lot of back-and-forth already between Jamie and Gael, and we have a hard time thinking that all of that is over. (Jamie’s just not a character we see all the time.)

In a bonus sneak peek over at the link here, you do find out some rather-surprising info and Callie and Gael — they hooked up in Judge Wilson’s office! This is a part of a larger discussion about how hooking up at work is somehow a real thing, and yet it’s something that Mariana and Raj haven’t done even though they’re co-workers who are spending a ton of time together. With them, they have a different complication holding them back: The fact that nobody in the office knows they’re together. That is a professional landmine that Mariana has no interest in trampling on at the moment, right in the middle of working on the app. She doesn’t want to join Callie on any sort of job-interview tour at the moment.

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