The 100 season 6 episode 8 video: Russell, Josephine’s conflict

The 100While we got a chance to see some mental warfare on Tuesday night’s The 100, Josephine’s still found a way to keep herself around. Rest assured, we’re just as surprised as anyone with this revelation. We thought the character would be gone by now, but the writers obviously see something within this story and want to persevere a while longer.

If nothing else, perhaps you can argue that one possible function of the Josephine arc is to perfectly demonstrate the difference between her and some others within this world. Take, for example, Russell. In the sneak peek below, you get a good sense of just what we’re talking about here as Russell makes it clear that he’s not anywhere as into the idea of Josephine continuing to inhabit Clarke’s body as Clarke is herself. His preference would be to find her a better, more willing host as opposed to one that she just continues to inhabit in this particular way.

Within this episode, we expect to see a battle of thoughts and preferences, and of seeing whether or not Josephine can continue to build off what she wants and be able to continue to keep up a wall. The advantage of this story is that Eliza Taylor has been absolutely wonderful in this role. The disadvantage of this story, however, is that all good things do come to an end eventually … and we do think that we’re getting ever closer to being at the end of that road. There’s probably only so long that you can continue to move things along with Josephine before we just start off a mental chant of “Clarke, Clarke, Clarke” in our head. Because she is one of the longest-tenured characters, and because she’s the lens in which we have viewed the bulk of the story, it’s hard to really imagine or picture the story in as effective of terms without her being a part of it.

Let’s just go ahead and stand plainly by the same stuff that we’ve been saying for many weeks on end now — we can’t imagine The 100 without Clarke eventually coming back into the fold. She’s too much of the lifeblood of the show, and we really want to be able to spend a little bit more time exploring her as a part of this world. What Josephine has offered is a new entry point into a different sort of mythology … and a challenge that Clarke and others have never quite faced before. Her role, while controversial, has been effective in offering up different perspectives and allowing Clarke to explore her own memories.

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