Big Brother 21 house tour shows off more of a camping theme

Big Brother 21For everyone out there curious for more details in regards to the Big Brother 21 house, we have a little more information on that now!

Today during Entertainment Tonight, the show presented a first look at the upcoming house for the new season, one that ABSOLUTELY seems to be leaning into the summer-camp theme hard. What are you getting? Think in terms of colorful furniture, apparently two different ways to get up to the Head of Household room, and also opportunities for the players to either embrace the great doors or feel like they’re at least doing so.

We know that there are some people out there who’d love to see a totally-new house, but we don’t honestly think that we’re going to be getting that anytime soon. We’re fine with just getting new iterations of the same house, at least so long as it’s not so ugly that it’s hard to look at. This is fine, even if it’s not the sort of new house that is going to shatter headlines.

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Here’s more of what we’re wondering…

How is this theme going to factor into what’s going to be happening in the game? For most of the week, some of the scuttlebutt on the internet is that we have possible pairs in the game. Or, at the very least there are players who know each other on some level.

What we’re left to wonder about is simply this: Don’t you get bunkmates at summer camp? It feels like there is also always that one person at camp who you kinda know, and you gotta debate between spending time with them or going and trying to make good friends. For example, it seems as though Tommy and Christie know each other — but it doesn’t seem as though they know each other so well that they’re going to be stuck at the hip to each other.

One of the other things that we’ve thought about as of late is the chance that Big Brother could be doing some sort of rival theme with each group staying in a different part of the house. Yet, we don’t really know enough about any of these people to think or assume that they’re rivals. Maybe some of these past connections within the cast is just a not-so-great job on casting, or maybe there is something more there. Either way, we’re going to have a chance to figure that out over the next few days and we’re rather excited to do so. The speculation is about to give way to the actual discussion of the season!

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