Big Brother 21 spoilers: Christie Murphy, Tommy Bracco know each other

Christie MurphyDo we have the first twist of Big Brother 21 … or at least a potential casting oversight with Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco? As it turns out, these two houseguests know each other and that raises all sorts of questions entering season 21.

Thanks to the incredible Hamsterwatch (see the tweet below), it seems as though there’s a history that is presented between these two houseguests. For proof, there’s an Instagram image featuring Tommy and Christie from Tommy’s now-private account. She notes that Christie dated Tommy’s aunt previously — we don’t know too much about that relationship, but even the smallest amount of history could complicate things in the game. The awareness of each other does add another layer to the story.

Do we think producers knew about this? We think that they might have, given the fact that they should be checking Instagrams (and all social media for that matter). Also, both of them have an obvious Staten Island connection. We know that there are a TON of people there, but there is such a family vibe about the place that it’s easy to imagine various people running into each other. That’s especially true for people who are roughly the same age.

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Is there a larger twist at hand?

We’re thinking that there could be and that some of these houseguests may all know one other player in the game. They may not be the best of friends, but there could be connections. Isabella and Jack have both noted that they’ve climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and while that may not be something, it’s still interesting to think about since that’s not something that a lot of people have done.

There are really only two things going on here — either the producers have some sort of twist planned all about this, or we’ve got a “Small World” situation. We’re betting on more of the former. Because of all of the ways in which these people are vetted in 2019, we just don’t believe that this is something that nobody would ever know or find out about.  The cast has been revealed for just a few hours and this was already found.

A part of the fun could be casting people who have some sort of bond, but not a significant one … and then seeing if that bond helps to make them stronger or completely makes them crumble over the course of a given season.

We’ll ultimately get a better sense of this over the next week — remember that Big Brother 21 premieres on Tuesday, June 25. This wouldn’t be the first time that the show has cast people who already know each other on some level.

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