Big Brother 21 – Jeff Schroeder interviews: Analyse Talavera, Jack Matthews, more

Analyse TalaveraThis morning, the Big Brother 21 cast was officially revealed! That’s a cause of great celebration, as these are some of the people you’re going to be spending most of the next few months with.

If you missed it, we’ve already posted our take on some of the men and also some of the women competing this season — we’ve even got more discussion of them in video form! (After you check those videos out below, be sure to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube and view our official show playlist.)

This morning, what we’re doing is chronicling some of the various interview highlights featuring Big Jeff Schroeder, a.k.a. Big Jeff, who is doing a lot of the interviews live from the Diary Room. We’ll be updating this article throughout the morning, so be sure to check back!

Analyse Talavera – She’s been watching Big Brother since she was ten years old, so she’s more than just a super-competitive soccer player. She seems VERY nervous to be meeting Jeff and being on the live feeds. Here’s the good news — she’d rather win and be hated than lose and be loved!

David Alexander – His voice is like butter! He sounds like a disc jockey meets Barack Obama. He’s a little bit of an offbeat dude, but he’s in good shape. He doesn’t know the game really well, but at least seems to understand what goes into it.

Christie Murphy – She’s likable, kind, and reasonably empathetic. She’s someone who was emotional immediately after getting into the Diary Room — let alone the house! She’s a fan of Jeff and Jordan and the game as a whole, and owns a store entitled Mystic Earth Boutique.

Jackson Michie – He’s watched the show with his mom since he was a little kid, so he knows a good bit about the game even though he’s not a superfan. We didn’t think that we would like him as much as we do, but he seems to be reasonably self-aware and has a good sense of humor. He’s a little reminiscent of Winston from last season.

Jessica Milagros – She’s a plus-size model from Chicago and she is a fan of the game. It also seems like she got the big fairly last-minute. She is married and has a kid — she’s used to being away from home because of work but this is different. She’s got a sense of humor and a big personality; good luck trying to stay under the radar.

Nick Maccarone – He’s a mental health therapist and a guy who apparently got addicted during season 17. He’s got a lot of charisma and he’s very opinionated — he doesn’t have any problem shading former players! He seems to be a thinker and wants to use his career as an asset in the show.

Ovi Kabir – He learned about Big Brother, ironically, in school — he wants to make sure nobody knows that he is as big of a fan as he is. He wants to be able to work with a team and lay low. He has a corgi named Mowgli who, apparently, has his own Instagram page.

Jack Matthews – Apparently, he looks like Jason Momoa and yet he’s never seen Game of Thrones. What gives with that? His personality is a little bit lacking but we get why he was cast — he’s obviously someone who the producers can push, he loves dogs, and he really has no clue what he’s doing.

Tommy Bracco – He’s a Broadway dancer who is currently a part of Pretty Woman. He’s also got a good mind for the game and seems to understand the family aspect of the game. He comes across as very authentic and someone who will have a fantastic social game. He also’s open to a “tasteful” showmance, but as a gay man, he’s not altogether optimistic there will be one. We like him a lot! His personality is very endearing.

Oh, and did we mention that Tommy and Christie seem to know each other?

Holly Allen – She’s a known commodity in the reality TV community (she dated former Bachelorette star Luke Pell!), and it also turns out that she loves referencing that she’s from Wyoming. She thinks that it will give her a good work ethic — though working at a wine safari is one of the weirdest expressions of that we’ve seen. She knows the show a little better than we imagine she would.

Kathryn Dunn – She claims that she can win competitions, but if she ends up winning she wants to pay her dad back for putting her through college. She also may think that the show is going to air tomorrow. She’s an “aspiring influencer,” so make of that what you will.

Isabella Wong – She’s an adventurous, rebellious person with tattoos and apparently a controlling mother. She’s climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and also loves throwing herself into new challenges. She’s got a great sense of humor and is probably going to be aggressive in this game … probably because, in part, she doesn’t know another way to be.

Kemi Faknule – She’s from Brooklyn, she’s going to be aggressive, and she’s seen ten seasons in the past year or so! We love that she proclaims that she is “not that interesting, but fun” — she’s absolutely interesting and wants to go in, be aggressive, make friends, and then stab them in the back if she really needs to do so.

Cliff Hogg III – This dude’s got crazy stories — he’s had guns point at him and he’s traveled all over the world! He’s an enormous fan of the show who has, apparently, seen more than ten seasons and played out all sorts of scenarios in his head. He’s a seemingly normal dude and apparently, he grows loofas (bath loofahs) in his backyard. He’s not going to make it far but it’s interesting.

Sam Smith – He’s a truck driver — but he doesn’t sleep in the truck. He’s going to go with the in crowd, he’s a dad with two kids, and apparently, he’s an enormous fan of Derrick’s game. He knows the game and he’s starting to think that he’s better off laying low.

Nicole Anthony – She’s the “quirky queen” who closed off the interviews — she’s smart, funny, and she’s going to stand out amidst the group. We think that she’ll be endearing to everyone else in the house, but we think her best move is to lay low and not make a big deal out of her personality quirks. We’re concerned about her going into the game.

What are you the most excited about when it comes to Big Brother 21? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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