A Double Shot at Love episode 12 video: Vinny and Elle’s art date

Double Shot at LoveComing up on Thursday night’s A Double Shot at Love episode 12, you’re going to see Vinny make a real effort to win over Elle. She is one of the most intriguing contenders in the competition, mostly because she’s the contestants walking the fence. She has some feelings for both Vinny and Pauly, and that puts the guys in a unique position where they actually have to compete with one another. That’s not something that we’re really seeing elsewhere at this point in the show.

Dates within this show are not The Bachelor dates — let’s throw that out there. We’re not seeing them travel the world or go jumping off a cliff together; yet, the sneak peek below does give you a sweet moment for Vinny and Elle as he plans a date for her that is themed all around art. He remembered from her family that it’s one of her interests, so this gave the two of them the opportunity to sketch each other. It also give Vinny the opportunity to actually gauge just where her head was at and if she sees herself wanting to be with him in the end over Pauly.

At this point, we understand why Vinny would be at the serious phase of the relationship. He doesn’t want to waste his time with someone who’s not as interested in him as the other way around, but she tells him that as of right now, she sees him as the more compatible of the two guys with who she is. She’s at a place with him emotionally where she feels like it could work outside of the house and she’s not 100% sure that she’s there just yet with Pauly. That’s something that, later in the episode, she’ll do her best to figure out.

Do we think that whoever gets left behind by Elle will get over it? Probably, given that there are some other contenders still a part of the show. There is also another fact to consider here in that Elle may still end up leaving this show without being with either one of them; even though her position may be unique thanks to all of the attention, nothing’s guaranteed for her! She’s still going to have to put herself out there and stay vulnerable.

The good news for Elle is that given she’s still there, that means that she likely passes the random/crazy lie-detector test that is thrown out there by JWoww and Ronnie a little bit earlier in the episode. That is something you can get a little more insight all about by venturing over to the link here. Those two are going to show up trying to figure who’s there for love … and who’s there for something else. We don’t know how anyone came on this show not looking for a little bit of fame, but that’s just because there are so many other ways to date in this world.

What do you want to see when it comes to A Double Shot at Love episode 12 and, if you were Elle, who would you side with? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: MTV.)

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