A Double Shot at Love episode 12 video: JWoww & Ronnie’s hot seat

Double Shot at Love

There are only two episodes left within this season of A Double Shot at Loveand within this batch of episodes the focus is mostly on a small Jersey Shore reunion. Yet, it’s not happening in the way in which you’d think. Jenni and Ronnie aren’t there to party; instead, they’re at the house to try and determine who of Pauly and Vinny’s suitors actually wants to be with them, and who is mostly there for the career of being tied to a couple of reality TV icons.

Let’s just hope that the lie detector that these two give the ladies is a little forgiving — every one of them has to be there on some level for attention. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have gone on TV in the first place! The best thing that you can hope for is that one of these women actually developed some real feelings along the way in this competition and actually wants to end up with one of them. We’re getting near the end of the season and this is when things are meant to be getting serious. That means that once the lie detector is over, Pauly and Vinny each are going to be stepping up their dating game. By the end of this episode, there will be just four contenders left. All of this is confirmed in the synopsis that CarterMatt has for you below:

Jenni and Ronnie put the ladies in the hot seat to figure out who is telling the truth and who is telling lies. Pauly and Vinny go on a marathon of dates as they try to narrow it down to the final four ladies.

Who is the frontrunner to go home next? More than likely, it’s Nikki — Pauly’s opted to keep her despite concerns that she may be too clingy (even from one of his own family members!) and beyond that, she’s also shown herself to be really intense. Pauly’s such a lighthearted guy who seems to be all about goofy antics and playing up a big character; Nikki’s almost the opposite of that. We do think he probably needs someone to bring out a more serious side of him, but occasionally you do get a situation where opposites do attract.

As for everyone else, we do think that the field is somewhat wide open and with the number of women left and what we know about some of them, there is still a chance where you get that reality-TV gold scenario — women remaining who have an interest in both Vinny and Pauly, which could lead to the two of them fighting in order to get the affection of one of them. Given how close these two are, you’d think that they would handle everything with civility … but this is their war of the roses. Sooner or later, one of them has to fight for what they really want.

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