Detroit Youth Choir gets Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent

Pompeyo Family DogsTonight on America’s Got Talentwe knew that we were going to get the first Golden Buzzer for show host Terry Crews. Yes, we’re well aware that he had one in Kseniya Simonova on AGT: The Champions, but this is the first one in the canon franchise. We were so curious to learn who he was going to press the buzzer on, whether it be something incredibly funny or something a little more emotional. The Detroit Youth Choir, the subject of this article, was more the latter than the former.

Here’s the thing about Terry — he really is a Renaissance Man! This is a guy who can make you laugh until you’re crying … and then also make you cry with his emotional stories, as well. He also, as it turns out during this episode, is a flute player. He also originally is from Flint, Michigan, so he had an inherent connection to the choir from the start.

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We’ll admit that when the choir started to perform “Can’t Hold Us,” we weren’t quite sure where it was going — then, the tempo speed up and this became a full-on revival. The energy was infectious and this crazy-unique. We’ve seen about a million choirs over the course of our life but we haven’t quite seen one like this before.

While we think that the group needs to tighten up their group vocals a little bit, they’ve got some incredible individual singers and rappers. Beyond that, they sung with legitimate passion. They made you want to get into the performance with them. They’re an inspiration — not just to themselves, but also to all of the people out there in Detroit and beyond. We need more acts like this representing this season, which has a tremendous musical legacy that never quite gets embraced enough.

This was an incredible Golden Buzzer moment for Terry as well, as he made sure that these kids got every ounce of joy and wonderment out of this. He was tearing up and it produced the same emotion out of us. They should be proud and they have a real chance of doing well in this competition.

Let’s also give a little bit of love to the Detroit Youth Choir director in Anthony White, who was passionate and about so much more than just singing — he wants to make sure that his students are on the right path, are getting good grades, and are fighting to improve their future.

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