America’s Got Talent review: Voices of Service, Berywam, Sos Petrosyan

AGTTonight’s America’s Got Talent episode is going to bring you a lot of fun stuff, whether it be rats, a brilliant young singer, and some genuine surprises throughout. Also, Terry Crews is pressing his Golden Buzzer at some point! Isn’t that worth at least a little bit of excitement?

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Cirque Du Sewer – This was weird but actually kinda delightful — an acrobatics act that also includes a rat as one of its central components. It’s fun! There’s no chance of it winning but we kinda like the idea of a trained rat being a part of the live shows.

Ansley Burns – She’s one of those kid singers who is instantly likable — she rolled with the punches really well, and that includes having to sing Aretha Franklin acapella after Simon Cowell stopped her first performance. We know some people will think that he was too mean, but that was the best thing that he could’ve done for her. He allowed more people to true her true talent — she still needs to hone her big notes but she’s well on her way.

Sos Petrosyan – He’s the son of quick-change artists Sos & Victoria from a few seasons back, but his brand of performance is rather different. He’s actually someone who specializes more in doing elaborate card tricks, and what we really loved about his act was the style of it. There were so many cool flourishes here from start to finish! It was so well choreographed in addition to being magical.

Andy Rowell – This was ridiculous and with that in mind, we probably shouldn’t have loved it. Yet, it was so stupid and wonderful — plus, it was clear from Andy’s reaction to singing karaoke to “Tequila” that this was just an extended comedy bit.

Adem Show – This was a cool, innovative animation dance act that had what felt like a Mortal Kombat theme to it with the outfits and the attitude. This was really cool, especially for such a small dance crew. These are hard to pull off, given that every single person is so exposed.

Voices of Service – This was a powerful audition from people who have all served, and are looking to use music in order to further encourage healing among a number of other people who are suffering from some sort of post-traumatic stress.

Dominguez Poodles – This is such a fun, endearing act and it really is reminiscent of the Olate Dogs, who previously won with their own high-energy dog act. We think that they’re on the road to something and, with more training and the right idea, they can get there.

Berywam – What this vocal group did was different … but also really cool. We’ve seen acapella groups before where they use their voices as all of the instruments, but in between the tempo changes and the range on these guys, this still felt special.

Detroit Youth Choir – Read more about this act, Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer, over here.

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