Fear the Walking Dead season 5 spoilers: Dwight’s goal moving forward

Fear the Walking DeadAs we start to move forward on Fear the Walking Dead season 5, what’s the story going to be when it comes to Dwight?

Sunday night’s new episode ended with what was a surprising and also awesome reunion, as Austin Amelio’s character ended up reuniting with Morgan after spending some time alongside John Dorie and also June during the bulk of this episode. They helped to save him, and also further instill a sense of purpose for him. While finding his wife Sherry is going to be the utmost priority for him, there is something more that is going to dominate his soul. What is that? Think along the lines of getting some personal redemption for himself.

Maybe, just maybe, Dwight is learning that he has to be more than just a guy with a singular mission. He needs to be more well-developed and fully-formed to really find himself. That’s a way of being worthy of Sherry more than just tracking her down without any self-growth.

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So how is Dwight going to try to get better? here is some of what executive producer Ian B. Goldberg had to say via Entertainment Weekly:

If this episode shows us anything, it’s that he’s definitely not giving up on his search for Sherry. Dorie and June give him a kind of renewed energy and hope that she could still be out there. And so he’s going to continue to search. But along with that, he’s going to do the other thing that Daryl told him to do, which is make it right. And that can take a lot of different forms that don’t necessarily relate directly to Sherry. Dwight’s got a lot of bad things he did to make up for. In addition to looking for Sherry, he’s going to be looking for ways to redeem himself, and it will be with this new group of people finding how he does that and how he fits in with the greater family.

As this story progresses, we’re looking forward to seeing more of what happens in terms of how Dwight earns that redemption. It could come about in a number of different ways, whether it be fully taking part in the group’s whole help-others initiative and then also doing some self-work and trying to make himself look and feel better. It’s not going to get better for him overnight, but seeing his redemption could be one of the most appealing things about him … depending on however long he is in the world.

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