Queen of the South season 4 episode 3 video: Can Teresa pay off the judge?

Queen of the South season 4 artReady for Queen of the South season 4 episode 3? Well, you got to wait until Thursday to see it. Nonetheless, this piece should help to keep you excited for what’s coming up next.

Life for Teresa doesn’t seem to be getting easier after making her big move to the Big Easy. Just look back at everything she went through in the kidnapping situation on episode 2. You would think on the other side of that she would want a moment or two to breathe. Most likely, she does. That’s probably a part of what’s informing her decision in regards to the Judge. This is a guy who seems to be the master of controlling things in New Orleans, and he’s fine for Teresa to keep her operation going provided that he remains very much involved. By that, we mean that he’s willing to look the other way for the right amount of money. He’s a puppeteer looking for a new puppet.

This is where, at least via the promo below, Teresa comes up with a bright idea. She seems to think that giving him a lump-sum is going to be enough to have him realize that he doesn’t need to be involved anymore. If we want to draw a comparison, it’s basically like the world of investing. Teresa’s willing to give a chunk of money to this guy as opposed to equity in her company, which seems to be more of what the judge really wants. He wants to be continually involved, likely because he sees this business booming down the road and he doesn’t want to be shut out of it.

What we don’t quite get it simply this — given who the judge is, couldn’t he just take the money and come back at any point to demand something more? He is such a powerful figure in the community that he’s always going to have some leverage. The only reason this may not be a good idea is because of this — if Teresa’s business expands elsewhere and he’s not really a part of it, maybe he realizes that there could be a point where he wouldn’t be able to enforce control anymore. By being continuously involved, he continues to hover over her. That may make it easier to get what he wants.

Is the season currently delivering? We believe so. We definitely understand why some people out there are missing James, but the show is doing a lot of interesting stuff anyway. We just saw Kelly Anne back in the world for this past episode, we’ve seen a lot of life and death situations already, and the new setting does give it a little bit more life and excitement.

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