Queen of the South season 4 episode 2 review: Teresa’s ransom crisis

Queen of the SouthAt the start of Queen of the South season 4 episode 2 Thursday night, we knew that Teresa was going to be finding herself in trouble. How else do you explain the fact that the police were already getting involved in her new operation?

Basically, what we were reminded of almost right away tonight was that life in New Orleans was not going to be easy. Instead, she found her cargo, her people, and much of what she cared about gone. She just had to figure out a way in which to get everything back, and she learned that one of the local businessmen was a little bit desperate in order to stop her. What did he want? Think in terms of this — her product, and a chance in her business plan to operate mostly out of state with her “tequila” empire.

The good news is that, somehow, Teresa managed to save everyone tonight — nobody died and she was able to help her team out of a tight situation. The problem is that even after resolving the ransom situation, it didn’t make her life any easier. She was still being used, mostly because it was almost immediately clear that some of these people are accustomed to doing this sort of stuff to other people. This is just a part of what the Queen of the South world is like and now, Teresa may have to buy her time in order to get some of the revenge that she wants.

While Teresa was trying to do what she could from afar, we witnessed some other characters in what was, clearly, a near-death situation. Who doesn’t love the near-annual occurrence of seeing King George almost get killed? (Well, we’re entertained by it mostly because he doesn’t die. If he did, we probably would be having a much different conversation here.)

Also, let’s have a toast here to Kelly Anne, who managed to come through for Pote and save his life when he needed it. On the other side of doing that, though, there were still questions in regards to Pote’s intentions after they spend most of this episode somewhat on the run and dealing with near-constant danger. In the closing minutes of the episode, he told her to get out of the car and told her to not cause any more problems. This was him doing what he could in order to protect her — or what he thought was protecting her.

Yet, Kelly Anne made it clear to him that she didn’t want to leave — if Teresa wanted her dead, she wanted her dead. She wasn’t going to run from the possibility of losing her life anymore We’ll just have to see what happens when they reunite.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode proved itself to be INTENSE. That’s what happens when you almost lose important characters and Teresa finds herself in a position where she’s forced to do stuff that she doesn’t necessarily want to do. It would’ve been nice to get a little bit more of the Judge from the first episode, but clearly, we’re still seeing this story evolve — and getting some memorable moments along the way for the supporting cast. Think in terms of King George maybe getting himself a new love interest — the King may have a Queen, and it’s a very different sort than the one in the title.

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