Queen of the South season 4 episode 3 preview: The corrupt judge

Queen of the South season 4 artSo far on Queen of the South season 4, we’ve had a golden opportunity to learn a thing or two more about the world of Teresa. what does that include entering episode 3? Well, think along the lines of more frustrations for her as she has to deal with some not-so-great people … including that terrible judge who wants to get a big piece of her business.

What she’s learning about life in New Orleans is that if you want people to look away, you’re going to have to cut them in — and that’s a problem with the people in power are involved first-hand in the judiciary. They may not be so inclined to open a door for you and, instead, they may be a little more interested in just slamming it right in your face unless they get precisely what they want.

This season’s going to be tough for Teresa — no doubt about it. There are going to be threats and, beyond just that, there are also going to be people ready and willing to try and smash her operation. Whether or not they will be successful, however, is a totally different story. For now, what we’ve got for you in terms of scoop is the official Queen of the South season 4 episode 3 synopsis: “A corrupt Judge wants in on Teresa’s deal when he learns about her business.”

It’s true — that doesn’t offer you too much more beyond some of the stuff that we’ve already spelled out within here. Nonetheless, we think you’ve probably got a good sense already of some of the stakes of what’s coming up, and also some of how Teresa needs to navigate people like this judge. Sure, you want to play to their ego face-to-face, but while still orchestrating and plotting some sort of way to take them down behind the scenes. Patience isn’t just a virtue; sometimes, it’s a necessity in order to get what you want within this world. It’s awesome when there are thrilling action sequences, but there’s just as much enjoyment that comes out of seeing stories that are a little more strategic and methodical. Watching the plans be orchestrated is sometimes just as much fun as watching them be executed.

There’s a lot of time left in this season — regardless of if it’s the judge or some other important newcomers, we’re going to have plenty of opportunities coming up to explore their stories further.

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