Big Little Lies season 2 episode 2: Is this the Bonnie showcase?

BonnieEven before Big Little Lies season 2 began airing on HBO, one of the things that we kept hearing was that this was going to be Bonnie’s season. While she may not constitute the entirety of the story, we were set to learn so much more about Zoe Kravitz’s character than we did through much of season 1.

After all, this makes a tremendous amount of sense. With Bonnie ultimately being the one responsible for Perry’s death, so much of the emotional crux of the season comes from her. While Madeline and everyone else may talk about having a weight and burden on their shoulders, Bonnie’s may be dragging her slowly into the water. She can’t tell anyone close to her what really happened, and it doesn’t seem as though some of the other so-called members of the Monterey Five are taking her plight seriously enough. They obviously want her to stay quiet, but there seems to be too much of equating her struggle to their own.

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Sunday night’s new episode “Tell-Tale Hearts” is probably going to be one of the most important Bonnie showcases that we’ve had. A lot of that simply stems from being able to see her mother Elizabeth for the first time. We’ve gotten little windows into Bonnie’s world, but this feels more like a door swinging wide open. This is someone who has known her from birth and can tell when something’s bothering her. We don’t think Bonnie is going to necessarily scream “Hey Mom, I killed someone!” at the top of her lungs, but there are emotional situations when that could come out. And, if it does come out, that raises all sorts of questions and problems. If Bonnie’s mom tells one other person, then that person could tell another person. Eventually, the game of telephone could be dangerous and cataclysmic. It could upset the entire world of Monterey as we know it.

This episode is going to be an opportunity for Kravitz to have a powerhouse performance, and hopefully give her some of the attention her co-stars frequently receive. There could be a few lighter moments for Bonnie as some people close to her try to show her love and care. Yet, these still may be few and far between. We’re going to be seeing a lot of pain and a lot of heartache, and the worst part for Bonnie is that much of this may last her whole life. This isn’t just something that she can jettison out of her brain. The death of another, even a loathsome individual, is a scar that can’t be wiped away.

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