Big Little Lies season 2 episode 2 video: Trauma and memories

Big Little LiesBig Little Lies season 2 episode 2 is set to be coming on HBO this Sunday. If the premiere didn’t set up enough dominos for you, this one will. This is where the world will start to unravel and, inevitably, more questions will start to come out.

Take, for example, how soon we will see Mary Louise Wright learn the truth about what happened to Perry — if she does at all. There are reasons to suspect she could. Clearly, Meryl Streep’s character is nosy — she appears helpful and she may very well be, but she wants something greater. She’s in Monterey for mourning, but also there for answers. She has an invisible detective cap on at all times.

Meanwhile, Bonnie’s the character most on the verge of cracking based on the promo below, coupled with everything we saw on the series tonight. Think about it — she’s finding herself on an island. The other women may have been there when Perry died, but they don’t feel what she feels. They’re not responsible for another man’s murder, and it’s a moment that she is having to keep from her own family. Even with getting to see more of her family this season, she’s a character living almost separate lies … and it’s going to get worse. Guilt like this doesn’t necessarily fade away. Instead, it turns your brain into a faulty fireworks show, unknowing as to when the next one will fire off.

Celeste’s suffering is clearly of a different kind. She will find herself within the upcoming episodes struggling with an array of memories. She did have good moments with Perry in her life, but there were also horrible, abusive, and traumatic ones. A part of her brain misses him and she struggles to reconcile that. This is a story of memories that are not all black and white and the heart and the brain moving at different tempos. This is why Celeste needs therapy, and you’re going to see Mary Louise even offer to attend with her. On the surface, this may feel like a good move — but underneath, maybe not so much.

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One last note to leave you on…

The key event from this season may not even be one that is seen. There may be something more, something darker lurking underneath the surface. This season treads into more uncharted waters and the depths of these characters’ despair. Maybe there are victories, but it’s currently hard to see them with the sorrow staring you plainly in the face.

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