SEAL Team star hints at season 3 filming start date

SEAL Team season 2SEAL Team season 3 is coming up soon — all we gotta do is brace ourselves for many more missions and moments that run the gamut from hopeful to heartbreaking. We want to see victories for Bravo Team, but we also recognize that this is life and in this world, you gotta acknowledge the layer of pain that comes with every victory dance.

In a post on Instagram, series star AJ Buckley (who you otherwise know as the incredible Sonny) made it clear today that production for the third season starts in about a month — the sort of news that’s worth a fist-pump or two. Season 3 is a batch of episodes that is going to be themed all around recovery, or at least that’s how we perceive it after everything that happened in the season 2 finale. Think about all of the physical and psychological setbacks endured by Bravo Team throughout season 2. For Jason, he willingly gave up his home to ensure that his daughter could go to college — it’s a moment made out of love, but also made with an understanding that his life will be different. Meanwhile, Clay may still be in the process of learning whether or not he’s going to be able to fight again and Ray’s gotta figure out if he can be the family man he once was. There is a lot to recover from.

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In a lot of ways, the struggles for Buckley’s Sonny aren’t the same as some of his team members, and a lot of that may be mostly because his life’s in a healthy spot right now. He has his relationship with Davis that has been growing stronger for a while; also, he’s also gotten to the other side of his near-death experience. While Sonny may be a flawed character, isn’t everyone within the world of SEAL Team? He’s just someone who seems to fully know himself, warts and bruises and everything else. He knows that he’s as loyal a solider as they come and he recognizes when a task out in the field isn’t his specialty.

The July start time for SEAL Team is a way in which to properly ensure that new episodes of the series are ready to go for this fall. The show’s going to be venturing back to its old spot of 9:00 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesdays, where it’ll form a perfect trio with Survivor and the newly-relocated SWAT, a show that features its own top-level star in Shemar Moore and a storyline that is largely about brotherhood and guys doing what they can in order to fully be there for each other. Both of these shows offer their fair share of outstanding, powerful moments that remind you that they aren’t just your cookie-cutter action shows. There are moments that are worth something greater here, ones that will cut you to pieces or cause you to reflect on your own life.

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