SEAL Team season 3 spotlight: The future for Jason Hayes

SEAL TeamAs we approach SEAL Team season 3 this fall, be prepared for spotlights aplenty! This is something that we like to do with many different shows throughout the summer months, and here, we’re putting the focus on none other than David Boreanaz’s Jason Hayes. Let’s face it — there is no better starting-off point, or character who needs some discussion based on he went through.

For a quick summary of season 2, look at things this way: He almost lost Bravo Team, Alana died, he went through some difficulties with his team (especially Ray), and he also sent Emma off to school. To go along with that, he ended up selling his home as a further way to pay for it.

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Where does Jason go from here? Given everything that we just spelled out in regards to Emma, it feels like this is the right topic to hone in on first and foremost. With Jason, he’s gotta be rather happy that Emma is getting an education; yet, there will be dark days. We figure that there are going to be times in which he wakes up one morning and misses having a refuge that is a little bit largely his own. We gotta explore more of his living situation, how he is as a father, and what sort of toll having Emma in school takes on him.

Jason’s emotions are basically a pile of mush at this point, so we figure that a big part of the intrigue moving forward is going to be seeing just how he ends up finding an equilibrium once more.

The state of Bravo – Now that the team’s gone through what they have with Shaw, Ray’s on the road to recovery, and Clay may be better enough to serve again, what does the team look like? Given that they all may not have served together collectively in some time when they are next paired together, we do think that there is a little bit of a story that can be gleaned from trying to have them all out there, working to do their thing and establish their work again. We’d expect some bumps in the road, and we also do think Jason’s going to have to wonder if he should adjust his leadership style after what he just went through with Ray.

Where is his love life at? – There have been some notes of it here and there for Jason, but not necessarily a full-blown love story just yet. This is something that would be intriguing for the writers to explore within the right context — and with the right person. We’d mostly just tell the writers that they are better off continuing to test some romantic waters for the characters, but not lean too heavily into a full-blown love story when there is no real reason that they have to do that. We know that we are going to get some other romance elsewhere if Sonny/Davis stay together. Also, there is something lighthearted about seeing Jason perhaps realizing that being in the dating world is so much harder than he ever realized ahead of time.

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