America’s Got Talent review: MacKenzie, Michael Paul, Camren Carter, & more

The latest America’s Got Talent auditions are here! This episode started off with a crazy ballet/contortionist hybrid, and our hope was obviously that it got all the more entertaining from here.

Consider this article your guide through all of the ins and outs of the latest auditions, complete with what could be yet another Golden Buzzer near the end of it all. Once your done reading our review, there’s also a full America’s Got Talent video below for your viewing pleasure! For more, subscribe to Cartermatt on YouTube — and take a look at our America’s Got Talent playlist!

Marina Mazepa – The first audition of the night — and the fantastic contortionist/ballet hybrid that we mentioned earlier. Was it totally weird? Sure, but we do appreciate the fact that AGT actually proved that you can do an act like this and also make it artistic — it’s not just about making viewers feel grossed-out. It’s about delivering something that feels beautiful, like there was thought injected into every moment and every move.

Dom Chambers – This guy is going places. It was nice to have more of a traditional magic act on the show — someone who really executed most of his stunt using stage-magic skills rather than just predictions and “guessing.” We don’t see a lot of magicians like him, and what we appreciate perhaps more than anything is just how talented he is and how he built this up from start to finish. It got better and better and better as time went on!

Camren Carter – We know Camren from her time singing on Dancing with the Stars — we knew she was a great singer, but there was something so lovely about getting to see her shine through in this particular light. This was beautiful, powerful, and memorable — everything that you could want from a vocalist auditioning for this show.

Dupla o Tempo – These two are one of the strangest acrobat duos that we’ve had a chance to see within this show — let’s just say that they don’t act anywhere close to their age. We don’t know how they’re doing this. They don’t look or feel like the people in this category!

Charlotte Summers – We’re not going to even bother wasting any of our energy on Walrus Man, given that Charlotte deserves it so much more. We’ve already talked about her audition leak going into this episode, but she is a sensational young singer who shockingly, doesn’t even seem remotely fazed being up on stage. She’s 100% confident and ready to hit all of the right notes.

Kevin L. Schwartz – Not every one of his jokes landed, but there’s something so endearing about the guy as a comic — he’s naturally nervous and he wasn’t sure he could do it, but he went up and delivered a lot of funny one-liners. This sort of comedy is really tough, but he was able to pull it off!

MacKenzie – He’s the sort of performer who we don’t often see on the show — an excellent, polished singer who was there mostly on the strength of his own voice. His Prince cover was outstanding — the guy’s a winner candidate just because everything we saw was so solid.

Michael Paul – We love the schtick here — an “exotic bird trainer” who actually was just a ventriloquist. If you’re going to do something like this, you need to have both a really good character and funny jokes. Luckily, Michael had both — one of the best pure ventriloquist acts we’ve had on this show in some time.

Tyler Butler-Figueroa – The Golden Buzzer recipient from tonight! Read more about him over here.

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