America’s Got Talent video: Charlotte Summers’ ‘I Put a Spell on You’

Charlotte SummersCharlotte Summers is the latest young singer you’re going to see on America’s Got Talent this coming Tuesday, and the audition is the sort that’s going to send your face into various phases of shock.

We don’t know how the producers and scouts of this show manage to pull this off, but they’re really good at finding these young contestants from all over the world with crazy talent. What makes AGT more than likely so appealing to them is that often, they’re not old enough for either American Idol/The Voice and they probably don’t want to wait for something else. This is the opportunity that they want to take now, and Charlotte doesn’t feel like an ordinary 13-year old from Spain. She sings like someone twice her age, and has the confidence of someone who has been performing for ages.

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This is one of our frustrations sometimes with these young contestants — they often come on the show and have this air of nervousness about them, like they are happy to be there but so clearly not ready to do anything. Charlotte doesn’t feel like that. She comes across as confident, bold, and ready for whatever this show throws at her. Confidence-wise, we’d compare her to Courtney Hadwin from last year — but that’s where the comparison ends. Both are totally different singers, with Courtney more of an old-school rock singer while Charlotte feels more like someone who can do rock/soul. Her audition song, “I Put a Spell on You,” is one that a lot of singers do — with the big reason for it being that it’s really good. Why wouldn’t you want to do something that shows off your range and a little bit of a signature vocal growl?

There’s no reason to mince words here — Charlotte’s going to be in the live shows. It’s hard to imagine another scenario happening, save for some unfortunate last-second circumstance. She’s a great singer who, even away from singing, seems to have a great personality. Her story about wanting two guinea pigs for her and her sister, and naming them after Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel, is hysterical. If that didn’t win over the judges before she even started to sing, nothing will.

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