America’s Got Talent review: Ryan Niemiller, Nicholas Wallace, GFORCE + more auditions

Pompeyo Family DogsTonight marks the second night of the America’s Got Talent audition shows, and that means that we’re getting yet another opportunity to see the most unique acts in the country. Not all of them are going to be worth millions, and some you may not even remember in a few weeks. Yet, that doesn’t change any of their entertainment value or what they bring to the table.

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Jonathan Burns – His nickname is “Flexible Comedy” and for good reason — the entire precise here is watching someone be both a contortionist and a comedy act at the same time … and he’s absolutely entertaining. He’s probably not winner material, but hey, not everyone can be. We do like the nickname of him as the Napoleon Dynamite of the competition.

Benicio Bryant – A good young singer with a cool natural tone — Benicio’s too young to really know what his voice is going to be, but we think that he does have the potential to be a little pop/rock star at some point in the future. It’s just all going to depend on how the voice matures and also a little bit of work ethic.

Emerald Belles – They’re from Southlake, Texas, and they’re basically a really good high-stepping drill team squad. They’re extremely good for a high-school drill team, but their big challenge now is going to be finding a way to get them to the next level in the midst of such a busy competition with such a crowded field. It’s not going to be the easiest journey for them.

Messoudi Brothers – Without a doubt, these guys are fantastic at what they do — not to mention intense! They’re acrobatic, they’re skilled, and they are incredibly strong. Basically, they are the sort of dudes who are going to get attention for however long they last.

Bir Khalsa Group –  These guys are nuts! Basically, talent involves in some ways putting on a blindfold and smashing at some huge guy’s head. One of the more dangerous acts we’ve seen on the show.

GFORCE – This girl group brought just about everything that you would’ve expected from their first audition — energy, enthusiasm, and a message that young kids will behind. It’s not our cup of tea, but honestly, it was never meant to be.

Adaline Bates – We’ll be honest that we thought that was going to be your typical sob-story singer who came out and tried to make a career for herself. While she did have a story, what she did was actually fun and unique — performing “Unforgettable” as both the man and the woman.

Ryan Niemiller – Ryan is very much in the vein of Drew Lynch, the comedian with a stutter from years back. He’s someone who has found a way to make fun of himself despite his disability — he was really good in a short period of time tonight! Very funny and he really brought the best material he had.

Light Balance Junior – Nothing in here should be shocking — they’re the same act as Light Balance, except with kids. They’re great at what they do, but it’s a little bit of a weird act in that there is a limited ceiling. It’s hard to imagine things getting any bigger than this.

Nicholas Wallace – This was a super-creepy magic act that was all about basically turning Gabrielle Union into a human puppet. It was crazy, but also really well-executed and perfect for an AGT audition. It had a good angle and character to it.

Joseph Allen – Check out our take on tonight’s Golden Buzzer act here.

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