Joseph Allen gets Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent

Who got the latest Golden Buzzer on Tuesday night’s new America’s Got Talent episode? In true AGT fashion, the show kept us waiting until the very end to meet Joseph Allen.

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We know that when it comes to Golden Buzzer recipients, the bar was set sky-high by what we had last week. After all, Kodi Lee proved to not only have an incredible voice, but also a story that was going to make him someone viewers remembered for quite a long time moving forward. Basically, he’s the instant favorite to win the whole competition moving forward. Golden Buzzer recipients do have great talent, but we do think that the story is a part of the reason why they go viral. Regardless of how you feel about that, it benefits the show in some ways.

So what did we have tonight? Joseph Allen is a singer-songwriter who apparently just has a knack for working hard and doing whatever he can in order to pursue his dreams. He came on the stage with a TON of charisma and found a way to get a lot of the audience on his side — the people who weren’t already there since it seemed like the majority of the audience was already on his side in the first place. He was a singer, a rapper, and he got incredibly emotional at the very end of the song. We think he’s a guy who a lot of people are going to get behind out there.

Was he the right choice for Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer?

We do think that he was deserving in terms of his personality, and we think that with his spirit and his ability to work hard, he could be a favorite to go fairly far. We don’t know why he was so worried about being a “punk” on stage, since we don’t think that he did that at all.

Can we at least say that Howie did a great job with the Golden Buzzer press? It’s funny in a lot of ways that the guy who is terrified of germs is the guy who pressed the buzzer with his foot. Other people are going to press that with their hand, Howie! We’ll see precisely where things go on the show from here.

Joseph was the right choice in terms of creating a moment; sometimes with this show, that is what matters.

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