Elementary season 7 episode 4 video: Captain Gregson’s message

ElementaryEntering Elementary season 7 episode 4 on Thursday night, we are going to get what we could simply refer to as a paradigm shift. Just think about things in this sense: We’re no longer in a place where Sherlock Holmes has to hide! He’s arranged a deal to secure his freedom, troublesome as it may be, and he can now roam about New York City. The only problem that he runs into is if he ever admits to how he secured his freedom. That feels inevitable, but it doesn’t have to happen right away.

Instead, Thursday’s “Red Light, Green Light” will spend a little time (presumably) with Sherlock and Captain Gregson. That makes sense, given that the two haven’t really had much of a conversation so far this season. A lot of that is intentional — it’s kinda hard when Gregson is unable to speak!

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The sneak peek below (which we have for you to check out below) opens that door, as Sherlock visits the Captain as he’s (hopefully?) on the road to recovery. When he arrives, it’s clear that he and Joan have already had a conversation, and now it’s Sherlock’s turn to go in and speak to him. The preview cuts off before we see how this conversation goes for these two, but we like to think that it’s of the “working through their differences” variety. Gregson was long furious over Sherlock’s handling of events at the end of season 6 and beyond, but we think a part of that has to do with the friendship that they have. While we’re pretty sure that Gregson would never want to admit it, it still doesn’t change the fact that these two characters are friends. Gregson didn’t want to lose his friend and we think that a part of his pain may be that simple.

Through episode 4, Sherlock’s going to get a sense that what happened to Gregson and it’s even more complicated than he first realized. This is an attempted-murder investigation that could evolve into something so much more — and something that really spans most of the season. You can’t rule out the potential that Big Bad Odin Reichenback — played by Master of Characters Looking Sinister James Frain — is somehow involved in this. You’ll meet the character next week and that should be the first opportunity to see what’s he’s all about.

So, for now, maybe it’s best to ignore the bigger picture and focus on the smaller one — two men who don’t like to be vulnerable, sitting down and having a conversation that may require the two of them to pullback the curtain. There may not be another path forward for them.

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