Is The Bachelorette new tonight? Hannah Brown’s future

HannahGiven that it’s Monday, it’s understandable to go into tonight with a bag of popcorn and your phone at the ready to live-tweet The BacheloretteThis is Bachelor Nation Night, and it has been for a good chunk of the year!

Well, originally it was going to be Bachelor Nation Night again this week, but the NBA Finals just couldn’t find a way to wrap things up within the span of four games. Tonight is Game 5 in the series between the Golden State Warriors and the (fantastic) Toronto Raptors, and because of that The Bachelorette is preempted. It will be on the air tomorrow, where it will be airing on a special night for the first time this season.

Even if the NBA Finals goes all the way to Game 7, have no fear — it’s tentatively scheduled for Sunday. There will be another episode of The Bachelorette airing at its normal time next week.

So what are we missing out on tonight? So many little morsels of goodness, beginning with the opportunity to see what happens when Luke S. and Luke P. continue to rail on each other. We understand the whole “hey, this guy is attacking my reputation and I want to look good on TV” angle that Luke S. seems to be going for here, but there’s only so long you can beat that drum before it just looks like you’re one of the Drama Guys of the season. We’ve said this before, but if we were him we’d just pack up and take our Nick Viall 1.0 hairstyle and dreams of a tequila company elsewhere. It’s clear Hannah is more into Luke P., even if he may be conniving and overly physical. You can’t just pull Hannah into a room if you’re Luke S. and show her the footage, so you almost have to just accept your fate — even if it means (gasp) less total screen time.

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On the other side of this bro-battle, tomorrow’s new episode will also bring the remaining contenders to Scotland, where they will take part in some sort of Highland Games (shocking, right?). Meanwhile, the preview makes it seem like Mike and Pilot Pete are going to get some alone time with Hannah where they can state their case. Pete’s an obvious frontrunner and we go back and forth on whether or not Mike is. He has the vibe of one, but his commitment to be “that guy who calls out other guys” is probably going to get stale, and eventually Hannah will probably prefer him to be “that guy who pays attention to her and builds that relationship.” We’re not at the breaking point yet, but we’re thinking of Mike’s strategy here as a rubber band that he’s slowly starting to pull too far with.

If you didn’t know…

Bachelor in Paradise filming is happening over the next few weeks! While you wait for tomorrow’s Bachelorette episodecheck out the link here and check out our casting wishlist — or, at least, five contestants we want to show up.

Are you sad there’s no Bachelorette goodness to liven up your night tonight? Share in the comments, and of course come back tomorrow for more news! (Photo: ABC.)

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