The 100 season 6 episode 6 video: Josephine’s gambit, Bellamy’s woe

The 100After a week off the air, The 100 season 6 episode 6 is set to air once again — and is anyone else still buzzing from the surprise wedding news over the weekend? We understand that Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley getting married has no real bearing on Clarke or Bellamy, but it was such an amazing headline — how did those two keep it a secret for so long? If you want to read more about their marriage reveal, you can do that over at this link — now, onto the show…

Within the world of The 100, the top priority entering “Memento Mori” is going to involve finding a way to bring Clarke back. It’s not so much about romance or anything else since you just gotta know that she’s still there and it’s not just all Josephine all the time. Josephine’s still clearly the one in control and with that, she’s the one calling the shots. A big component to this episode is seeing this character operate … and also put on a metaphorical mask. That’s what executive producer Jason Rothenburg and producer Alyssa Clark discuss in the video below. (Rothenburg makes the joke about Clark being her last name before we even can.)

For Josephine, her goal in this episode is trying to trick Abby into believing that she’s still Clarke — hence, the deal with Murphy and what’s probably going to be a really fun storyline. Think about the pitch to Eliza Taylor here — not only is she getting to be a new character, but she’s playing a new character who’s going to learn how to be her old character. It’s almost like she’s playing a training-wheels version of Clarke where she doesn’t know if she can go down the street just yet. There’s high potential for this crashing and burning and we’re here for every possible second of it.

As for what other goodness we’re getting in this episode, Bellamy’s got a big role to play! He recognizes that something’s a little off with Clarke, but it’s kinda hard to do something when you’re a prisoner. He’s gotta worry about himself, then he can worry about Clarke. We have no idea how long the producers can stretch out this Josephine story, so instead of rampant speculation, let’s just enjoy the weird ride. We remain steadfast in our possibly-deluded belief that Clarke isn’t actually dead and there is some mystical way to bring her back and kick Josephine to the curb.

Episode title analysis!

Want to know what “Memento Mori” means? Think of it as a memento (natch), an object that is offering you a warning of death. A good example would be like the idea that ravens showing up at your house is a bad omen. Obviously, a death warning/threat will be important to this episode — which, if you’re wondering, you can read more about here.

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