Elementary season 7 episode 3 review: The price of Sherlock’s freedom

Elementary season 6How badly does Sherlock Holmes want to remain in America? That is a question that Elementary season 7 episode 3 on CBS Thursday night answered, but it’s fairly safe to say that said answer proved to be more complicated than we can ever imagine.

In the early going of this episode, it actually felt as though Sherlock was going to be able to get out of this situation rather easily. Remember, he was not allowed to enter America legally because of what happened with Michael, and him taking the fall for his death. Yet, that’s why he went to the FBI to communicate specifically with a certain assistant director with the history of shady dealings with none other than Morland Holmes. Sherlock realized that he had a certain degree of leverage, and because of that, he used a little bit of that very thing to get precisely what he wanted. He basically blackmails the guy in order to ensure that the charges can be dropped against him and that he and Joan can continue to practice and solve crimes virtually wherever they want.

All of this seemed to be very smart and very shrewd for Sherlock, or at least it was until he started to realize on the other side that this may not be so good of a plan. Instead, he’s in a situation now where he has to face the possibility that he spends the rest of his life feeling a good bit of guilt.

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At the conclusion of the case tonight, the assistant director showed back up and told Sherlock that he got precisely what he wanted, at least in the form that both Sherlock and Joan are now completely free of any suspicion when it comes to Michael’s death. However, the man was able to pin the death on was a prisoner who hanged himself in his cell. Basically, what happened here was that while Sherlock and Joan got their innocence in the eyes of the United States, another man died in order to cover up the crime. This is dark for the show, really dark, and it’s something to Sherlock is going to have to live with. He made a deal with effectively the devil, and this is the end result of it. Even if that prisoner was a bad man,  this was not the fate that they had deserved. This is just the cost of Sherlock’s freedom and the end result of a series of decisions that he made.

Will this come back to bike Sherlock and Joan? You have to think that it could, just because this show clearly does like to have consequences for just about every action. Also, remember that if Sherlock tells anyone about what happened, the assistant director’s letter about the truth goes public.

As for the case of the week this time around, it was an interesting sort of tale of diplomacy, international relations, and of course secret oil that turned out to be worth quite a bit to both Ethiopia and Eritrea. The suspects were plenty, and the end result of it chose to be quite shocking in that it was a passage of information that led to a hired gun and an attempt to leverage an international crisis for personal gain. Ironically, Sherlock used Morland here to be able to get his desired result — or, at least a bulletproof set of windows owned by Morland to get the guilty party to confess.

CarterMatt Verdict

This may end up being one of the darkest arcs that we’ve seen on Elementary through seven seasons. Just think about some of what we got here, in between Sherlock and Joan’s investigation tonight, the end result of that, Gregson still being in recovery, and a murder being pinned on a dead man. Sherlock can have what he wants, but he’s going to have the end result hanging over him.

On a lighter note, who else loved the reunion between Holmes and Detective Bell? It was a brief moment of light amidst the darkness.

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