NCIS season 17 spotlight: The future of Mark Harmon’s Gibbs

Mark HarmonAs we approach NCIS season 17 premiering this fall, who doesn’t want to spotlight some of the individual characters? That’s certainly something that we’re going to be giving you on Tuesdays over the coming weeks, both in terms of what we could see and also what we’re expecting.

Given that Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the focal point of the series, isn’t it best to start things off here with him? This is a man who is coming off of one of the best seasons in some time, and in a place where he can actually move some things in his personal life forward. It’s an exciting opportunity for the show to experiment with a few different things, and we absolutely hope that they do.

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With that spelled out, let’s get now to sharing some individual hopes.

What does Ziva know? – We’ve obviously talked about this subject on end already, but it is the biggest thing that needs to be addressed before the writers pick up on anything else. This is a chance to throw both Ziva and Gibbs together in a way where the two are taking on a unified threat potentially. For Gibbs, we hope that he shows Ziva how much he missed her and that he cares about her beyond just a one-time colleague who worked under him.

Is Gibbs going to open up? – This is something that he needs to figure out if he’s ever going to change his life — we think that he’s probably content with it being the way that it is, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s happy. He needs to build a further emotional connection with some other people if he wants that, and we do think that there will be plenty of people out there receptive to the idea of getting closer to him.

Spend some more time with Fornell – At the end of this past season, we saw the guy struggling but committed to being a better father for his daughter. Emily. Fornell’s going to need someone to be there for him, and we’ve got a good feeling that Gibbs could be that person. They’ve been through so much already, and nobody understands him quite like Gibbs does.

Explore more of his past – Could we go back to his childhood, or before some of his exes? That is a period of time in Gibbs’ life where there is some room to mine all sorts of interesting stories … and we certainly hope that the writers do consider that in the future.

Is something going to happen with Gibbs and Sloane? – It doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic, but this is potentially a relationship that the show can explore a little bit more than that. The two just have that kindred-spirit vibe, where they’ve both emerged through the ashes of tragedy and probably understand each other in a way that very few other people in life would. This is, to us, the Gibbs relationship with the most room to grow.

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