When Calls the Heart season 6 finale: Who did Elizabeth choose?

When Calls the HeartThe When Calls the Heart season 6 finale has now officially come and gone, and we wouldn’t blame you if you have questions. After all, entering this big episode there were many of these, mostly in terms of whether there would be any movement in Elizabeth’s love life or if there should be. There are a few different key components to remember here with this story, including that this character is a reasonably-recent widow and, beyond just that, she has Baby Jack to care for. The writers have to, in their own way, moderate just how quickly they choose to continue this story forward; if they progress at too rapid a pace, that could end up derailing a lot of what they are hoping to accomplish.

Also, we think it was a smart move on the writers’ part to leave the ending of season 6 somewhat ambiguous — even though she chose to dance with Lucas, it still seemed as though she exchanged a look with Nathan! This is a love triangle, or at least a possible love triangle, that is still very much open. This gives the writers an opportunity to gauge fan reaction and then decide where to go from here in season 7.

Speaking about this particular subject via Entertainment Tonight, and if there’s a decision that has been made yet of Elizabeth will choose someone in season 7, here is some of what show executive producer Alfonso H. Moreno had to say:

Honestly, I am not sure, yet. I am starting the WCTH writers’ room next week and we’ll start plotting out the season. I believe that there is a lot of humor, romance and emotion that can arise from Lucas and Nathan seeking to win Elizabeth’s heart and Elizabeth having to decide who is the better man for her.

At the moment, our feeling on this subject is pretty darn simple: There’s no real reason for the writers to try to hurry anything along here. We’re just at the end of season 6 and we think that they can play around with these dynamics a little bit more before Elizabeth makes a decision, and that’s provided that she even does make a decision. There’s certainly a school of thought where you just let things play out and she opts to be with neither, or finds a new suitor who is a little bit better suited for her.

In the end, the priority here is going to be Baby Jack, and we don’t think that’s going to be changing for Elizabeth for some time moving forward.

When could When Calls the Heart season 7 premiere?

For a little bit more news all about that particular subject, all you have to do is visit the link here right now. We’re going to have some more assorted updates on the show all throughout the offseason!

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