Blindspot season 4 finale: What sort of cliffhanger could we have?

Blindspot season 4Tomorrow marks the Blindspot season 4 finale airing on NBC, and it certainly is understandable if you are entering the episode feeling a little bit nervous. After all, we have already been told that there is a potentially huge cliffhanger coming up around the bend, and a question we’re left to wonder is really just what sort it’s going to be. Is this going to be an ending that leaves us concerned about the fate of a few characters, or is this one that’s going to set the stage for season 5 with the introduction of a new villain? These are just some of the things to think about, but we want to lay out some of the possibilities within this article.

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The most obvious possibility here is that you end the season with a cliffhanger with a main character in danger — Jane and Weller are obvious possibilities. Or, you could go a different route in putting in danger Patterson, Reader, or one of the other supporting characters. Because these people have been around for so long, we’d be extremely upset if any of them are in peril.

Yet, we don’t want to see anyone ultimately killed off from the show … though obviously putting someone in mortal danger is a great way to keep people interested in investing moving into season 5. That’s probably a part of the writers’ grind plan … if they go this route.

Of course, there is another possibility that you could consider here as well. Maybe instead of killing someone off, you can cultivate a big cliffhanger where someone’s job is on the line. Maybe something so crazy happens due to Madeline storyline that someone from the FBI loses their position, or gets accused of something that they’re not even guilty of. With that in mind, the start of season 5 could be about them trying to find a way to get their job back, and then proving that they’re every bit as good as the Bureau once thought that they were. It’s not the same sort of jeopardy, but it is jeopardy nonetheless.

If you want to move in a completely different direction, then why not just set up a cliffhanger that is completely an out-of-left-field tease. Maybe a new aspect of Jane’s backstory is introduced that raises all sorts of questions and theories moving into season 5. Or, you introduce a new character who turns up in those closing seconds that leaves you screaming at your television as to who they could be, and precisely what they want.

Ultimately, the real point we’re trying to send across here is that cliffhangers don’t actually need to be the same sort of thing year after year. More often than not, the misnomer with these is that they all have to be about someone verge of death. With Blindspot, they can certainly do that, but we think there are a lot of other compelling ways to keep people excited.

As for why the writers decided to do a cliffhanger in the first place, odds are that probably has something to do with the show’s uncertain fate at the time the finale was written. It was just a great way to incentivize NBC into wanting to renew the show. Luckily they did, even if it was for a shortened final season.

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