Is Chicago Fire new tonight on NBC? The season 8 dilemma

Chicago Fire season 7Is Chicago Fire new tonight? If you’re feeling the heat, it’s not because of that big mattress fire in the season 7 finale. It’s instead from some of the temperatures outside.

As wonderful as it would be to get new installments for the next few weeks of one of our favorite shows on all TV, alas, we’re going to be stuck waiting for a good while still. NBC isn’t bringing Chicago Fire back until the fall, and that’s a tough position to be in when you consider the crazy cliffhanger that we had at the end of season 7. The mattress fire was a BIG deal, even compared to all of the other uber-epic cliffhangers that they’ve done. There are SO many different characters in various degrees of jeopardy, but at the top of the list are Herrmann and Ritter. We think that everyone else is probably okay, mostly because the camera lens seemed to be focusing the most on these two characters within the closing minutes of the finale.

Let’s follow along this line of logic for a moment — mostly so that we can make a case both for saving Herrmann, saving Ritter, or saving both. (After you check out the written part of the article, watch our video below for some added discussion! If you like this, remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for more and check out our full Chicago Fire playlist.)

The case for Herrmann – We love David Eigenberg and his ability to be television’s everyman. He’s one of those guys who can actually a normal guy and actually feel like a normal guy. We’d miss him dearly in the event that something terrible happened to him. We also think that with him only recently getting that big promotion, it would be especially cruel for Derek Haas and the writers to decide that NOW was all of a sudden the time that they wanted to drop the metaphorical guillotine on the guy.

The case for Ritter – He’s a reasonably new character, and there is a lot of drama that would stem from his death — think along the lines of how guilty Herrmann would feel, even if he strongly encouraged Ritter to get out of there rather than staying behind with him. Ritter didn’t have anything to prove. He was already loyal, hard-working, and devoted to the cause. He didn’t really need to be anything more.

The case for both of them surviving – Hey, we’re not a monster. We don’t want to lose any character … even though we recognize that Chicago Fire is a show where this sort of stuff happens. we’re just hoping that Benny’s death is enough Chicago Fire death that we don’t have to sift through any other tragedy in the near future. (Let’s make it clear — we’re also worried about Antonio’s fate over on Chicago PD, as well.)

Of course, we’ll be back with more scoop on Chicago Fire and whatever is coming in the weeks ahead — let’s cross our fingers that there’s a chance to see some happy news mixed into season 8. Think along the lines of Severide and Stella’s relationship, which is now in a better place.

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What do you think we should get on Chicago Fire season 8, and who do you think survived the big cliffhanger? Let us know right now in the comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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