Chicago Fire season 7 finale review: Who died? Stella, Severide’s big move

Chicago FireGoing into the Chicago Fire season 7 finale, love was clearly in the air — and not in the way we thought all across the board.

Take, for example, Sylvie Brett. Entering the finale, there were questions swirling regarding her and her feelings for Matt Casey, and then, all of a sudden, Chaplain Kyle surfaced! He was wrestling with an ambitious new job offer, and it is one that would require him to move to Indiana. Before that, though, he made it clear that he wanted her to be with him.

So what led to Brett actually saying yes to the proposal? It had a thing or two to do with something Casey said to her about her and Kyle being perfect together … even though we think that he was probably just saying it to be nice. This was Matt doing what he could to not show any feelings that he had and because of that, he ran the risk of losing her.

So where exactly is this going? We don’t exactly think that anyone is leaving the show (Brett included), but clearly, they want you to worry.

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Stellaride celebrations!

Finally, Severide and Stella are back on! Through Kelly’s journey this entire season, he started to realize more of who he is, and also more of the man he wants to be. He worked in order to take on one of Benny’s most notorious arson cases, but we think that more than this (or even him getting an offer to join more of a fire investigative team), this episode will be remembered for he and Stella’s scene together at the cabin, in front of one of the few actually-safe fires that we’ve seen depicted on this show.

Fire time

Obviously, you knew that there was going to be a huge fire at the heart of this episode, mostly because there almost always is with this show. It’s where this sort of stuff tends to happen almost around every turn, and here, it happened at a mattress factory — which is, apparently, one of the worst places for there to be a fire.

By the time we were getting close to the end of the episode, we almost wondered if we were going to be able to even focus on some of the stories from earlier. We saw a rare instance of Brett and Foster suiting up once it was clear that the team needed a little bit more help inside — which was pretty clear throughout the closing minutes.

Here’s where the cliffhanger seems to be coming from — a number of characters being trapped inside and around the fire who were in danger — with Herrmann, Severide, Casey, and others being in all sorts of danger. The firefighters of 51 are great in that they won’t leave each other behind. Somehow, we think everyone could survive (though we’re worried about Ritter and Herrmann the most) … but we’ll have to wait until the new season to learn more.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, we’d say that Chicago Fire gave you just about everything you would want if you’re a diehard fan — after all, you’ve got near-death situations aplenty plus plenty of romance. It’s gonna be a long wait until season 8 (hey, that rhymed!), especially not knowing where things go from here.

When could Chicago Fire season 8 premiere on NBC?

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