Chicago Fire season 8 premiere date hopes for Jesse Spencer, cast

Chicago Fire season 7Odds are, you know already that Chicago Fire season 8 is coming — the next questions worth asking are simple: When it’s going to come, and then also just some of what could be there in terms of the overall story.

Before we do anything else, let’s, of course, put the spotlight on the suggested premiere date: Late September. If not then, the first week of October. There’s really not all that much in the way of flexibility for when NBC could premiere Chicago Fire, at least in terms of how they’ve chosen to operate things in the past. They give you a solid run of episodes in the fall, a generous batch in the winter, and then the schedule tends to get a little bit wonky from there. You’ll get some weeks where there are a few new episodes in the spring, and then some frustrating repeats on the other side of that.

One thing that is, rather delightfully, still the same is the show’s timeslot: Wednesday nights at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time. We don’t have to spend too much time telling you precisely why we love that so much: Chicago Fire this year was up by more than 10% in the demo and more than 35% in total viewers. Pretty incredible, right? It’s the power of a great timeslot, and also some good, supportive lead-ins all around it.

As for what you can expect to see over the course of Chicago Fire season 8, we’d say that much of it starts with examining the relationships that are core to this show. Stella and Severide are at this point one of the show’s signature couples, given the fact that they’ve had this whole will-they-or-won’t-they romance and that has become known as such a staple in the TV world for quite some time. Beyond that, they just have great chemistry and a friendship that has proven to be fantastic in its own right.

Then, you also have questions surrounding Casey and Brett and what could happen there, provided of course that nothing is resolved over the course of the season 7 finale.

As for the firehouse itself…

It’s really all about just coming up with new, entertaining stories that allow the writers to continue oscillating between things that are fun and also things that are emotional and really play up the family, heartstrings aspect of this show. Chicago Fire is better when there is that consistent balance of rescues and downtime with the likes of Cruz, Otis, and Mouch. We don’t think that the writers need to reinvent the wheel here, given that what we’ve got in that house clearly works. Just find a way to present new and different challenges so that the actors are tested, but also shape them within the same tone where you laugh, and then find yourself tearing up seconds later without all that much of an idea as to why.

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