Should New Amsterdam season 2 heal Dr. Max Goowdin?

New AmsterdamMoving into New Amsterdam season 2, the #1 thing that everyone is going to be obviously talking about is the condition of Dr. Bloom, Dr. Sharpe, and Georgia following the ambulance accident. Yet, there’s another thing that really should be on your mind: The state of Max Goodwin himself.

Somehow, in the midst of all of the craziness and excitement that existed within the show’s season 1 finale, his cancer battle somehow took a back seat to much of it. There wasn’t just a huge abundance of updates when it comes to what was going on with him and his treatment plan, which is being adjusted to better raises the chances of his survival.

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Let’s make something very clear: This article is not so much about whether or not Max survives. As the character is the heart of New Amsterdam and the main point-of-view character on the show, it is hard to imagine the architecture of this world really existing without him. Nonetheless, we do think that there’s something to be said to how quickly the writers make progress on his character and get him into a better place.

The reason to keep the battle going, and keep him struggling – It’s certainly realistic, for starters, to what a number of cancer patients actually go through. It’s wonderful to think that someone like Max would be able to get better and recover after a short period of time, but it’s also not entirely realistic. Even if there’s a time jump leading into season 2 and he is somewhat better, it may be a good period of time before he’s 100% and running around the hospital again. We haven’t actually seen him 100% all season, so we are certainly curious as to what that is going to look like.

The reason to get Max better, sooner rather than later – If the writers do want to offer up some hope for Max’s health early on in season 2, the biggest reason to do so is to offer up some creativity to the storytelling. If a character does die early on in season 2, there may be a push to try to get Max a little bit better. With this show, you don’t want to layer in too much sadness. It’s like creating a great stew — you want a lot of different flavors in there and if it’s too much of any one thing, it’s going to make that stew unappealing.

We’re sure that the writers will be spending the next few weeks working to create the right recipe for said stew — we didn’t think we’d be talking so much about food, but here we are.

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