New Amsterdam season 2: Ryan Eggold on Max, Helen’s future

New AmsterdamMoving into New Amsterdam season 2, there are obviously SO many different things that we’re left to wonder. What’s one of the biggest ones? Think along the lines of what happened with that ambulance crash. It’s fair to say that Max Goodwin makes it through, and we really don’t think that the series would kill off a baby. That leaves a few other possible candidates for who could die, with Georgia being one of them alongside Dr. Bloom and Dr. Sharpe. In the case of the latter, she was someone who wasn’t even really spotted at the end of the episode! We’re left now to raise an eyebrow or two and really wonder just what the future for that character is going to hold.

Of course, beyond that there is another question: What’s the nature of the relationship between Helen and Max, and will we end up seeing that evolve? We don’t think that Max would ever cheat on Georgia, but there’s no denying that there is an audience out there who enjoy watching Helen with Max — whether it be a professional relationship or something that could turn romantic down the road. If something happens to Georgia, we could foresee things moving in a particular direction … eventually. We don’t think it would happen immediately, given that it would be 1) disrespectful to Georgia and 2) out of character for some of these people.

At the moment, though, one of the things that makes playing the Max/Georgia relationship so difficult is how challenging it can be to attach specific labels to it. This is something that Ryan Eggold described in a recent interview with TVLine:

“I don’t know exactly what it is … I know that they respect something in the other and are sort of fascinated by something in the other. Whether that takes the course of friendship or professional colleagues or romantic partners or confidants, whatever form it takes, I don’t know. … But I sort of like that about their relationship, that not every relationship is totally black and white. We all know people that mean a little more to us, or we have just an interesting, very specific particular relationship to, and she’s one of those people.”

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Regardless of whatever transpires between the two, provided that Dr. Sharpe survives the cliffhanger, we think that their bond is both incredibly unique and also incredibly special. It’s something that looks and feels different from almost any other on the show, mostly because the two challenge each other and they’ve learned to appreciate that. From the very beginning, Max made sure that Dr. Sharpe was fairly steadfast in her commitment to treating patients at the hospital rather than being almost a medical celebrity. Meanwhile, Sharpe has pushed Max in the right directions with his treatment and were it not for her, it’s certainly possible that he could be dead right now.

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