New Amsterdam season 2 premiere date for Ryan Eggold, cast

New AmsterdamTonight’s finale is going to be dramatic and emotional, but have no fear: New Amsterdam season 2 will be coming. Not only that, but we’ve already got a pretty reasonably idea as to when it will be.

Earlier this week, the folks over at NBC confirmed their fall schedule, and while it could still be subject to change, we already know at present that the Ryan Eggold medical drama is slotted to air Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. Eastern — basically, within the same exact timeslot that we saw from it previously. This means that we’re going to have an opportunity to see the show once more following This Is Us, something that the producers of this show will most likely appreciate. That means more ratings and, in turn, opportunities to see the show grow.

Since the timeslot is already cemented, we anticipate at the moment that the New Amsterdam season 2 premiere date is going to most likely be at some point in late September/early October. It’s really just a matter of however NBC wants to structure it. Some more information should be revealed a little bit later this summer.

As for what the second season will look like, we’d imagine that tonally and structurally, it will feel really different than what we saw the first go-around. Think about things in this sense — the first season was really all about meeting these characters and seeing all of their initial struggles — Max dealing with cancer, for example, while still being the medical director and also preparing to be a father. Hopefully in season 2, he is a father and he is recovering a little bit from the cancer treatment. We’d like to see him a little more put together in terms of his health, but also facing a lot of other struggles. He was able to really inspire and push a lot of the hospital during the first season, but will that end up being different in season 2? The longer a new voice is around, the less receptive some characters can end up being to certain ideas. Max will have to deal with some growing pains he wasn’t forced to take on in season 1.

Meanwhile, we are expecting some meaty subplots for some of the other doctors at the hospital, and hopefully they’ll be starting to see the fruits of some of the change-over that Max will have implemented fully by then. Perhaps one of the larger questions here, ultimately, is whether or not much of what he’s instituted is sustainable, or is it something that eventually will start to wither away. The bigger questions may have to do with finances at the hospital, which certainly are not exciting but still necessary.

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What do you want to see in terms of New Amsterdam season 2, and are you glad that it’s going to be back on the air this fall? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and we suggest that you stay tuned for some other insight. (Photo: NBC.)

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