Is NCIS new tonight on CBS? Ziva, other season 17 expectations

NCISIs NCIS new tonight on CBS? If only it is! We absolutely know that there are so many more stories to tell following that EPIC cliffhanger. Unfortunately, we’re probably around four months away from it airing.

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As you probably know by now, NCIS is going to be back this fall in its standard timeslot of Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. Waiting is hard, and we certainly do want to ensure that you’ve got a lot of stuff to think about along the way. With that in mind, we come bearing below a list of five different things to wonder about! Hopefully, this helps to tide some of you over in the midst of one of the most frustrating hiatuses that we’ve had — suffice it to say, Ziva changes everything.

1. What is Ziva’s story? – It goes without saying almost, but we’re hoping that in the early going for the premiere, we have a larger understanding of what’s going on with Cote de Pablo’s character, who is hunting her, and also why she’s wanting to protect Gibbs to the extent that she is. It’s certainly possible that what she is dealing with is tied in some way to what is going on with Gibbs and his situation.

2. How is Sloane feeling? – Over the course of the final episodes, we got a larger sense that Sloane does perhaps have more feelings for Gibbs than she has led on to anyone … and that does open the door, at least to a certain extent, for some more exploration on the subject. We don’t think that it needs to be rushed, but we would like to see this taken on a little bit more in the bulk of some of the stories that are coming up.

3. What about Bishop and Torres? – It’s really the same thing that you have to wonder here since it’s obvious that the two have some feelings for each other. The issue is that Gibbs’ rules do currently prohibit such a thing from happening, though clearly Ziva and Tony did find a way to be close to each other at some point years down the road.

4. Will there be a new villain introduced? – We’re hoping that, in the early going, we will get a larger sense of who the next mustache-twirling evil-doer is. We hope that it’s someone who is tied to the Gibbs/Ziva cliffhanger, and someone who can turn up for at least a handful of appearances over the course of the year.

5. Will we meet a new major character? – Remember that technically, NCIS has yet to fill the void left by Clayton Reeves. Maybe they have Ziva make some more appearances so that she fills that role, or maybe the team figures out a way in which they can bring on someone for around 8-10 episodes moving forward.

If you missed it…

Head over to the link here, as that’s where you can read up a little bit further on the subject of what could be happening to Gibbs — and who could be after him.

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