NCIS season 17: What does Ziva know about Gibbs’ threat level?

Mark HarmonMoving into NCIS season 17, there is clearly one more thing that we know about for certain: Cote de Pablo is back? Yet, there’s another component to that: Why is she back?

In the closing minutes of the finale, one of the things that Ziva told Gibbs is that he was in danger, but she didn’t exactly specify who exactly was targeting him. Are we looking at an old threat, or someone he doesn’t quite know about? The target on Gibbs’ back is an interesting story to chart moving into the new season, and with that in mind, that’s precisely what we are looking to do within this article. We’ve got a number of different perspectives as to who could be after Gibbs and why, and we’re going to spend a little bit of time doing what we can in order to break some of that down.

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Is it related to the Judge and vigilante justice? – If you’re thinking in terms of someone who would have an immediate reason to take down Gibbs, you could easily point to someone close to the Judge. The motivation here is also simple: Revenge.

Someone tied to the drug operation in the finale – It’s possible that in chasing down the drug trade that put Emily Fornell in danger, Gibbs opened a far larger can of worms than he ever expected and now, someone is out to put a stop to some of his latest movements before he can even get something going again. This would make sense in order for the show to really pick up from where season 16 ended, but there is a really enormous issue to think about — how would Ziva know about this, or even about the Judge and the vigilante justice story? There are clearly a couple of issues here that the writers would have to work around if they want Ziva to have some information that Gibbs or the team don’t already have themselves.

Someone tied more to Ziva herself – It’s possible that the threat on her and on Ziva are intertwined. Maybe whatever Ziva was running from (read more about that here) turns out to be someone who wants to hurt her in every way possible. Maybe she got a tip that they were about to go after Gibbs and NCIS, so in turn, this isn’t even a threat Gibbs would know about. It’s almost as though he would be punished by association more so than anything else.

Someone from far in the past – This is a really sensible solution since it could be tied to both Ziva and Gibbs’ past — and, in turn, it would probably require the smallest amount of work on the part of the writers. The only issue would be refreshing viewers on what happened if these events in the past are ones that we actually saw on the show.

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