NCIS season 17 debate: Who is hunting after Ziva David?

ZivaAs we enter NCIS season 17, we obviously know that Ziva David is going to be a significant part of it. Cote de Pablo is back! It may just be for a single episode at the moment, but her return is one that has generated immeasurable excitement … and is hopefully going to turn into something even greater.

Yet, we don’t want to get so lost in the midst of all of this that we lose sight on another question: Why has Ziva been in hiding for as long as she has? Who could actually be after her to make her want to go through something that is this severe and this strenuous?

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Obviously, it goes without saying that Ziva is the sort of character more than tough enough to be able to handle people (metaphorically) coming after her head. In between her training as a soldier, with Mossad, and with NCIS, we saw her as someone more skilled and capable than almost anyone. She can probably take on a handful of people within a matter of seconds, but something is causing her to be potentially thousands of miles away from Tony and Tali and any sort of normal life.

So … what could it be? Why is she running? We’ve devised a number of theories for you below.

A threat from one of her old NCIS cases – It’s hard to really identify a single one given how long Ziva was a part of the team, but it should be very clear that Ziva probably made some enemies during her time with the team — it could easily be an organization tied to someone put away who wants revenge on her … and is forcing her to continue to have people believe that she is dead as her only real way in which to cover her own hide.

Some larger organization – Does someone from Mossad want her gone, or a terrorist network that she helped to eradicate a long time beforehand? Did Ziva, following her survival, make some new enemies who are coming after her now? Given that we haven’t heard anything about Tony being in contact with her, we’re assuming that he may not know she is alive — with that, these are people she believes could hurt him and their daughter if they track her down. Hence, presuming death and being far away … where it’s also possible there could be more answers for her.

Could she only be afraid of one person? – Sure, but if so, it’d be almost a head-of-the-snake sort of situation where it is one person leading a large group of people as opposed to just someone else on their own. We just can’t see Ziva being afraid of any single entity out there causing problems.

Has she been trying to help Gibbs this whole time? – We think that it’s possible, but that really means that she is devoted to a cause. It’s more likely that she and Gibbs are actually after a common enemy, and that for a while, she felt like Gibbs wasn’t in all that much danger. That obviously changed over time and she was forced to come clean.

Is she actually undercover in some way? – That’s at least another interesting possibility to consider at the moment, but once again, it would take a lot of devotion to a cause in order for her to be able to do that. Who is she working for and, beyond just that, what’s the endgame there? It’s a mission that would take years and sooner or later, she deserves some relief.

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