Fear the Walking Dead season 5 premiere video: Alicia, Morgan’s crisis

Fear the Walking DeadThe Fear the Walking Dead season 5 premiere is coming on AMC in just six days! If you needed another reminder that the new season is going to be bloody, crazy, and all sorts of other exciting stuff in between, we’ve got it for you below.

What’s going on in this new sneak peek? Well, let’s just say that it sets the stage for what the aesthetic, at least, will be for the upcoming season. While you don’t necessarily get the greatest amount of story context ever from this scene, you do see bloodied-up versions of Morgan and Alicia, doing what they can both in terms of surviving and also making sure that the other survivors have a little more time to do whatever it is that they need to.

Remember Alicia from the earlier seasons? We gotta say that it’s a tremendous sign of her growth to now see this character out there, whacking zombies in the head with reckless abandon. Personally, we find it to be immensely satisfying. She’s come a long way since being unprepared for this world — that’s why when we think about this show, we often do view it through Alicia’s eyes. There isn’t any other character at this point who has been around from the very beginning, crazy as that is to say. (We’re still not over losing Madison … we’ll try to get there during season 5.) Alicia’s now one of the more dangerous and resourceful people out there, mostly because of her continued presence on this show. She’s likely experienced at this point a wide array of different things that no other character has.

While there’s going to be death, chaos, and a lot of zombie battles throughout season 5, don’t let this be too big of a distraction from what’s going to be the central theme throughout the upcoming episodes — actually trying to do a little bit of good within this world. It may be a crazy thing to think about since this is such a violent landscape, but there’s a sense of generosity entering season 5. It’s not about surviving; it’s about working to create an ecosystem that is somewhat better. Sure, there’s a community-building aspect to this show like there is within The Walking Dead proper, but there is also a part of it that is about expanding outward beyond the community and working to bring people in and making sure they are okay. It’s a different lens in which to view the apocalypse.

On the surface, it may seem as though Alicia and Morgan aren’t doing anything directly tied to that goal. Yet, things may be a little bit more linked than you would first assume.

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