Fear the Walking Dead season 5 video: Alicia’s purpose, Salazar’s return

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 11 reviewWith Fear the Walking Dead season 5 finally arriving on AMC a week from Sunday, what better time than the present to take a good look at what’s ahead? We mean that especially here in terms of the stories and themes, which make up the foundation of the video below.

There are a number of different ways to perceive this promo and tee up the stories coming for many of these characters — for the sake of this article, we think it’s the most prudent to do it on an individual level.

For Morgan – Remember back to the end of last season, where it was clear that this group was going to do what they could to try and help people in the Apocalypse. This season, they’re going to do whatever they can in order to make that into a reality … though doing so will probably be so much easier said than done. Not everyone out there probably needs their help … and then there are also all sorts of walkers waiting in the wings and ready to cause a little bit of destruction.

For Alicia – Can we be happy that Madison is at least acknowledged in this video? Alycia Debnam-Carey also explains here that one of her character’s goals moving forward now is identifying a larger purpose for herself — given that so much of season 4 for her was about loss, recovery, and of course survival, she may be at a place now where she can take greater stock in the world around her and understand more of precisely what she wants to do. Finding that sort of drive in this sort of world almost certainly isn’t easy … but we know that she can pull it off.

For Salazar – First of all, Ruben Blades is back! We haven’t seen this character since near the end of season 3, but the real question you’re left to wonder here is why we’re seeing him now and if there is a way for him to be on the same level emotionally with the rest of the group. Daniel is a brutal guy with a long, dodgy past, and he doesn’t really play well with others or trust anyone — especially people who he perceives to have wronged him already.

For Althea – What’s with all of the recordings? She sees this as a way to try and offer up some hope, someday, for whoever else is out there. We think it’s a noble pursuit, but we think that her biggest struggle moving forward is probably going to be one pertaining to simply battery life. Not exactly the easiest thing to find for your camera in the apocalypse, right/ (We’re joking — kinda.)

For Dwight – He’s back! He’s been on a journey ever since we saw him on The Walking Dead proper, and this season could serve as a rather-great opportunity to get a progress report on that. He believe this to be more than just a one-off appearance, so of course we’re curious to see where things go from here.

While we’re still bitter about Madison (and probably will be for some time still), here’s to hoping that Fear the Walking Dead season 5 will be able to deliver a satisfying story still, especially for some of these early-season characters like Alicia, Salazar, and Strand who so deserve it.

If you missed it…

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What do you want to see in regards to Fear the Walking Dead season 5, and does this preview have you even more amped-up? Share now in the comments. (Photo: AMC.)

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