Elementary season 7: Who shot Gregson? Don’t expect quick answers…

Elementary season 6Who shot Gregson? For the immediate future on Elementary season 7, this is a question you’re going to be wondering. Unfortunately, that does not mean that you’re going to be getting too many answers on the subject in the immediate future.

Speaking in a new interview right now via TVLine, show executive producer Rob Doherty makes it clear that Sherlock, Joan, and the rest of the team are not going to figure out just what happened to Gregson in a single week’s time. This is something that they’ll have to be patient about in their effort to put the pieces together”

“The attempted murder of Gregson is not an episodic story. It won’t wrap up very quickly … It’s something that we will mark over the course of the season, and in many respects, it will drive the season. It’s a complicated case… it goes down even windier paths as Sherlock and Joan start to investigate.”

What’s also clear, at least to us, is that investigating Gregson is, in turn, only going to put Holmes and Watson into an even greater sort of jeopardy themselves, given that the further that they push what happened to Gregson, the more likely that it’s going to be that they find themselves in even greater danger. It could be what helps the two of them find their way back to America, but given Sherlock’s complicated situation in the wake of Michael’s death, that will add another level of drama and stakes to what they are going through.

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What about Detective Bell?

As you would imagine, what transpired here is also going to leave Jon Michael Hill’s character in a precarious position, as well. He is going to be trying to figure out what to do in terms of that potential job he’s got for himself in the US Marshals; it’s obviously a fantastic opportunity, but one that is somewhat complicated now by the fact that he won’t want to leave Gregson behind. Here’s some of what Doherty had to say on that subject:

“[Bell] is going to quickly find himself on the horns of a dilemma in that he has this incredible opportunity to move on to the U.S. Marshals … But he also has a friend and borderline father figure dying in a hospital room. He certainly knows what the captain would want him to do, but he has his own extremely strong sense of what’s wrong and right.”

Absolutely, we’re going to see Bell facing a tough decision throughout the next episode or two, but we have a hard time thinking that he’s going to be leaving her behind — maybe at the end of this investigation sure, but certainly not now.

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