Is Grey’s Anatomy new tonight? Five season 16 questions

Grey's Anatomy season 15 episode 6Is Grey’s Anatomy new tonight on ABC? We’re sure that for a lot of people out there, there is absolutely a demand to dive a little bit further into some of these stories and these characters. Just think about the way things ended last week! Lives are in danger, jobs are on the line, and there is no clear way of knowing just how the future is going to pan out for certain.

With that being said, consider this article to be your guide and your way to work and weave your way in and out of a number of these different stories. After all, there is no new episode of Grey’s Anatomy on the air tonight, and nor will there be one at any point over the next few weeks. The show’s off the air until fall, and we’ve compiled in here a list of the five most important questions as we wait around to see what’s coming up in September/early October, whenever ABC starts things up again.

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1. Is Meredith going to spend a lot of time in jail? At this point, we don’t know how you aren’t asking that question. She was ready to turn herself in over the insurance fraud at the end of season 15 and while she vowed to secure a good legal counsel to make sure that she had a good argument, there’s no real guarantee it will work. We just assume that it will end up being okay, mostly due to the fact that the writers won’t want to separate Grey from the Grey Sloan forever.

2. Who will Teddy choose to be with? Right now, the clear answer there is Owen nine times out of ten, mostly because of the groundwork that is there plus also the sentiment that this is where this story has been set up to go for quite a long time now. We do think we’re going in that direction, but the problem here comes via tom Koracick. The guy has basically done just about everything that he can to be there for Teddy, and we have a hard time imagining that he is going to be okay to learn that she wants to be with Owen instead … provided that’s what shakes out.

3. Is Jackson okay? The last we saw, the guy basically disappeared into the fog like some sort of weird apparition. Knowing how Grey’s Anatomy works, he’s not going to just right back out to prank Maggie; something happened to him, and the larger question to wonder here is precisely what that is. Remember that he did stumble earlier on in the finale in the creek, and maybe there was a lasting injury from this that he didn’t know about.

4. Will Alex, Meredith, and Richard get their jobs back? Meredith obviously has some bigger fish to fry right now, but Alex and Webber don’t. We imagine them doing whatever they can early on in season 16 to fight their way back — even if that means getting their own lawyers at the ready. Remember that it’s not so much a fight between them and Bailey — she didn’t want to do it. She just didn’t think she had a choice.

5. Will Jo get the help she needs? At the end of the finale, she entered treatment. We don’t think what she learned about her past is going to ever completely vanish from her mind, but maybe it is something that she can learn to maintain and handle a little bit better. At the moment, this is really the best thing that she can really hope for, alongside the support and love of her friends and family.

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