Will NCIS: Los Angeles season 11 bring Mac, Harm together?

Catherine BellMrs. Carter: As we prepare for NCIS: Los Angeles season 11, is love finally going to come in the direction of Mac and Harm?

If you’re feeling a little bit bummed-out at the moment regarding the status of these characters, it’s hard to really blame you. During the season 10 finale, the fan hype was potentially learning that the two were married and having this great life together … only to then realize that they weren’t actually together at all. Instead, they’ve been off working separately and doing their own thing for years. Sometimes, life does get in the way, but we know from covering television for years that there is certainly something to the idea of preserving the fantasy and getting to see these fictionalized characters stick together for as long as humanly possible. There’s a reason why people root for couples on TV — it’s often the best-case scenario of real life. Even when it’s not 100% realistic, it still works (and in this case, Mac and Harm being together would not have been such a stretch that it would have tested everyone’s brain).

If there is an argument for why the two are not together at the moment, it’s probably this: The idea of either bringing back JAG or staging some sort of romantic reunion on NCIS: Los Angeles this season. Maybe you don’t see the two of them actually getting married, but maybe you could see the two getting back together and, if they do, maybe a JAG spin-off can happen and they’ll end up being married over there. We don’t consider it out of the realm of possibility in the slightest.

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So will season 11 of NCIS: LA serve as that wonderful opportunity to see these characters running into one another’s arms? Maybe not literally, but if I had to guess, I’d wager that there is some sort of good stuff coming for people who love these two. It’s just hard to imagine that the entire writers’ room felt like keeping Mac and Harm apart forever was going to be something a whole lot of JAG fans would get behind. Instead, it feels like a way for them to raise the stakes for this story, however long they have David James Elliott and Catherine Bell around. More than likely, they’ll be back for at least the premiere judging from where the finale left off, and there are certainly ideas for how the two could end up being involved in the story after that. While we all certainly knew that they were a part of the same universe before, there’s just that extra incentive to see them around more once they’ve been around once or twice. The metaphorical floodgates have now been officially opened!

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