Elementary season 7 episode 1 sneak peek: Joan, Kitty’s conversation

Elementary season 6After a long wait, Elementary season 7 episode 1 is coming onto CBS Thursday night, and no matter why you love watching this show, you’re going to want to check it out. The sneak peeks below are proof.

For starters, isn’t it nice to have Kitty Winter back on the seires in some shape or form? It’s been ages since Ophelia Lovibond last graced the series, but within the sneak peeks below, she makes her grand return and you learn a little bit about her in the process — including where she is in her life as well as what she and has been up to. Now that Joan has moved to London and worked to reintegrate herself into effectively a totally-new life, she admits that it’s given her new perspective on Kitty and what she went through herself a little bit earlier on in the series, coming to New York and having an opportunity to have a whole new reality for herself.

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Kitty has always been quite perceive, so we cannot say that we’re too shocked that she has been able to figure out something else about Joan that she isn’t even willing to publicly admit — she’s unhappy. How unhappy? Well, she’s trying to do just about everything that she can to release herself of her funk, and that includes changing her hair color. It’s possible that most of her dissatisfaction is coming from being in this different environment, but we feel like there’s a chance that it stems a little bit deeper than that — to be specific, back to the idea of not getting to be a parent.

Through much of season 6, most of Joan’s personal story was about her doing everything that she possibly could in order to become a mother — she went through much of the adoption process, and right when she got close, it ultimately didn’t work out. With Sherlock being forced out of the United States, some of these plans seem to have gone on hold — and beyond all of that, there’s also a general sentiment that this job is “too dangerous” in order to let someone else in. Maybe there is some truth to that, but in a different life, Joan would be back in America and she would have an opportunity to become a parent, perhaps in a way that she doesn’t in London. It would be crazy to feel like in some way, these two were not connected. It will be interesting to see just how this storyline plays out through season 7, and whether or not Joan ends up harboring any resentment towards Sherlock.

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