SEAL Team season 2 finale: Jason’s struggle, Brett Swan’s funeral, more

SEAL TeamAre you ready for the SEAL Team season 2 finale to be here? It’s coming to CBS tomorrow night, so ratchet up your emotions and get your tissues ready. This is going to be potentially an excellent finale to an excellent season, one that has quickly established a reputation for itself as one of television’s most underrated network shows.

To best prepare your for the fight ahead within the series finale, what we’ve done below is give you a quick series of spotlights on many of the show’s characters. What’s going to be coming for them amidst the chaos, and is there a way for them to grab some happiness? Take a look at some of what they’re up against! On the other side of that, be sure to also check out our finale preview below in video form! For some more news, remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube and take a look at our official playlist.

All of Bravo Team – We’re going to get to some of the individual moments here in just a second, but we have to kick things off here with a reminder that over the course of this episode, there’s a reasonably good chance that the entire team is going to be kaput. Obviously, that’s not the sort of thing that anyone wants to see, but we can’t exactly deny that this is a pretty firm possibility. Just think about where we are right now with Shaw breathing down their neck!

For Mandy – Can she keep her position? She’s going to be asked some tough questions and this could end up being the biggest story for Jessica Pare that we’ve had in quite some time.

For Ray – Can he get his family back? Is there going to be a way in which that can actually happen? It’s going to take a lot of work, and we really hope that he’s willing to put some of that said work in after a lot of the stuff that we’ve seen him go through this season. It’s been, beyond the shadow of a doubt, a heck of an emotional ride for him and we’re fully aware at the moment that said ride is far from over.

For Sonny – Can he and Davis finally get themselves some quality airtime? The OCS storyline’s been great for Davis, but it doesn’t change the fact that we want to see these two characters back together again.

For Clay – We just hope that someone listens to him when it comes to what happened to Brett Swan and starts to reconsider the treatment of veterans with undetected traumatic brain injuries after combat. This is the sort of storyline that shines a light on a real-world problem and we hope that it magnifies it for the real world. Even if Clay can’t move mountains in the finale, can he at least shift a few hills? It does feel like Brett Swan’s funeral is going to be a big featured in this episode, so we’re anticipating some emotional moments.

For Jason – Finally, let’s wrap things up here with our leading man, as Jason in this finale is going to do everything that he can to keep Bravo together while also preparing to send his daughter off to college. This is one of his biggest tests as a person, trying to handle losing the family that he’s lost this season, seeing his daughter grow up, and then ponder of his own future.

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