SEAL Team season 2 finale video: Jason reacts to some bad news

SEAL TeamIt’s been a long wait, but on Wednesday night, the SEAL Team season 2 finale is going to be coming to CBS — and bring with it one of the most devastating crises of one Jason Hayes’ career.

As the sneak peek below indicates, the news is sudden, and the news is harsh — Bravo Team may be getting shut down, as Shaw clearly thinks that there is a lack of effectiveness and/or protocol following the dangerous mission last week. Sure, Ray was rescued, but think of the carnage that mission caused. Think about what Ray had to do in order to reunite with the group. Maybe it was Mandy’s decision-making, or maybe it was the whole operation. It doesn’t matter.

So now that Jason’s getting word that Bravo could be shut down, what is he going to do from here? How is he going to handle it? Resolving it is obviously the next order of business, but that’s going to be so much easier said than done. It’s going to take a last-minute mission, almost a means to prove to the higher-ups that Bravo Team is worth its weight, even though we already know that they are. There will be trials, tribulations, and most likely tears. This has been a great season, but also a painful one for a number of these characters. There could be a desperation in a way to save the team since after so much chaos, it is the constant. It is the one thing that can be counted on. With Ray back on the up-and-up and Clay still hoping he can one day be with them again, there is motivation aplenty to keep fighting.

They just can’t think that far ahead. This is truly a case of taking on the mission in front of them and them hoping after this that they get a chance to still serve in the future. It’s not going to be easy, but since when were any of the missions easy? This is just survival mode in a slightly different way than before and that paradigm may push the team to a different height.

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What else could be coming in the finale?

Obviously, emotional stuff outside of work for Jason — and we say that knowing full well that David Boreanaz is nailing the emotional stuff in this scene, as well. He’s going to be working in order to ensure that his daughter is set up for a great future in college, and also that he has some sort of stability for himself in the process. Ray also needs to go be with his family, and we sure hope that there is a Sonny/Davis scene or two wedged in here.

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