NCIS season 16 finale spoilers: EPs on Ziva story direction, Gibbs’ future

NCISThe NCIS season 16 finale is finally right around the corner, and with the buzz that is out there for “Daughters,” you have to hope that there’s some big stuff coming. The question is just what form said “big stuff” is going to take.

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For example, are we going to get a chance to see a continuation to the long-simmering Ziva storyline? We’ve written a number of times about this already, and we do think that there are some ways that it can be teased even if it’s not a central component to the narrative. Apparently, it does seem like it is still on the minds of the writers, though there isn’t a clear endgame for any of it just yet. Speaking via TVInsider, here is what executive producer Frank Cardea had to say about it:

We’re going someplace [with that story]. We don’t really necessarily know where yet, but we’re as excited as anyone else to see where it can go.

We, of course, interpret that to mean that we’re probably not getting all of the answers to Ziva and what’s going on tonight, but we could still see another tease. If nothing else, the writers clearly aren’t forgetting about it. We just hope that eventually, it does lead to Cote de Pablo returning to the show for another episode or two — we understand the idea of undoing the idea of Ziva being dead (nobody really liked that part of “Family First”), but now that we’ve all plunged so far down the Ziva rabbit hole, there’s certainly an interest in seeing this through. While it did seem unlikely that we’d get Cote back on the show a couple of years ago, we certainly never thought that we’d see a JAG reunion on NCIS: Los Angeles after more than a decade and a half, either.

As for what else is coming…

Apparently, Gibbs may have another revelation in store for us in the finale — though this one could be a little more positive and a little less painful than what he’s been going through following the events of the past few weeks. Here’s what executive producer Steven D. Binder had to say on the subject, per the aforementioned publication.

“Gibbs has been looking for a purpose … We find out what his purpose will be.”

So what could this purpose be? Other than starting a boat-building business (kidding), we think that one strong possibility here could be him looking at what he’s gone through with vigilante justice and working to find a way to help people who can’t get help via conventional means in the justice system. We just imagine that it will be through actually trying to follow the law rather than working around it.

Just some food for thought … we’ll be feasting later tonight when the episode actually airs! Both in article and video form, there will be a great deal worth talking about.

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What did you think about the NCIS season 16 finale as a whole? What sort of surprise are you expecting — and if you are expecting it, is it really a surprise at all? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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