NCIS season 16 finale video: What happened to Emily Fornell?

NCIS - DaughtersAs we prepare for the NCIS season 16 finale airing on CBS Tuesday night, almost all questions revolve around Emily Fornell. What happened to her, who is responsible for it, and is she actually going to be okay? There are a lot of things that this episode is going to address, but the state of Fornell’s daughter is obviously going to be at the center of all of it.

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The three sneak peeks below are not necessarily the most revealing in the world, at least in terms of giving away the full story. Yet, there are a few pieces of intel that we do gleam from them that’s very much important to the course of this season. Take, for starters, the fact that Emily was at a college party prior to being hospitalized. At first, the doctors don’t quite know what’s wrong with her — then, there’s a suggestion that she had some sort of opiate overdose.

However, by the end of these sneak peeks, it starts to become clear that she may have been drugged by someone — and this is certainly the sort of thing that will make Fornell hungry for vengeance. Be prepared to see this guy do just about everything within his power in order to ensure that justice is served … but the question you gotta wonder in the midst of all of this is just what sort of justice we’re talking about here. Is this the sort of justice that is going to leave Fornell in legal jeopardy? It all depends on how hard he pushes … and also whether or not Gibbs uses his own experiences with Hernandez to stop him.

How informed is the rest of the team?

That’s another question you have to wonder judging from these sneak peeks, as within these, you don’t really get a sense that they are fully abreast as to everything that is going down when it comes to Emily and the investigation into what happened to her. We don’t exactly consider that a good thing — at all. Instead, we’re feeling at the moment like it’s going to be hard for Bishop, Torres, and McGee to do their jobs when they’re being either shut out or also somewhat limited by the information they have … and how much they’re worried about Gibbs. At the moment, we don’t think that some of the worry that they have for him is going away. How can it, given what they know and what they’ve gone through?

Expect “Daughters” to be an emotional heart-tugger that swings for the fences, and don’t be surprised along the way if there is a big cliffhanger that leaves you screaming and hoping for the next season to be coming up soon. (Sadly, there is no way to flash-forward until the fall.)

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