The Flash season 6: Is Jessica Parker Kennedy leaving for good?

Flash season 5 episode 2Exiting The Flash season 5, the easy assumption to make is that we are at the end of the road when it comes to Nora West-Allen being a key part of the universe. It’s really hard to conjure up any sort of feeling to the alternative. The character basically disintegrated because of changes to the timeline, as Barry is going to disappear now in Crisis on Infinite Earths prior to her being conceived.

Obviously, this is a heartbreaking twist that does signal somewhat of the sacrifices that were made in season 5 … but we still have a hard time imagining that Nora is necessarily gone for good. The only thing that we’d assume is that this particular version of Nora is.

Given that Crisis on Infinite Earths is about an entire multiverse, it’s hard for us to imagine that another Nora would not prove at least somewhat useful in this sort of battle. We think that there is a way for a version of this character to come back — as a matter of fact, that would be an interesting plot emotionally. Barry and Iris would have to contend with the idea of staring at someone who looked just like who their future daughter once did, only it wouldn’t be quite to same. They’re going to deal with a sort of grief most likely in season 6, even if they do have a belief that one way or another, they will be able to survive Crisis and be able to have a family.

If there is no Nora in Crisis, maybe the best thing to hope for is that Barry somehow survives the crossover and manages to stay on Earth-1 — and, in doing so, he is able to determine that Nora (or a version of her) does exist still within his future. Of course, there could be some other changes — including a storyline that is a little bit more comic-book accurate. There are other ideas and concepts that could be worth exploring at this point, but you could still bring Kennedy back … even if the character was not exactly the same.

No matter what the landscape looks like moving into The Flash next season, it does still seem fair to think that you could see most of the season 5 cast back — even Carlos Valdes, whose Cisco gave up his vibe powers via the cure, could still have a role in the future. While we’re worried about where things go from here, we also haven’t seen any evidence or statements suggesting that he is gone for good. Given that he’s been a longtime cast member and plays a beloved character, we like to think that Valdes would get at least some fanfare if his character was saying goodbye. That hasn’t happened, and maybe this is a situation where no news is, effectively, good news.

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