The Flash season 6 premiere date hopes for Grant Gustin, cast

The FlashFollowing tonight’s finale, what could The Flash season 6 premiere date be? It’s never too early to start wondering…

Of course, with this said it’s also probably easy to generate some assumptions here about when the show is going to be coming back. At this point, The Flash is the marquee show for The CW — it generates their highest total ratings and, beyond just that, it’s also one of their most-popular streaming shows. It’s always going to be one of the first that they launch upon kicking off a new season.

For the time being, let’s say this: We’re probably going to be seeing The Flash season 6 back in early October — whether it is the first or second week is something currently up for debate, but it’s hard to imagine the show turning up at any other point. They want it back soon, and they’re going to most likely use the story coming up in order to set a dramatic stage for what lies on the other side of the horizon: The epic story of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Without giving anything away, the Arrow finale last night did its part to also set that up, and we imagine that some of these superhero shows are going to be dealing with it in some way sooner rather than later.

No matter when the crossover happens, just note that it is, but beyond that The Flash as a series is most likely going to continue. after all, there’s been no indication otherwise that the sixth season is going to be the last one, and we do earnestly believe that this show will last at least to a season 7 or possibly a season 8 in order to tie up Arrow. Most of these superhero shows do have a little bit of a limited shelf life, mostly because there is a fleeting quality with them given that it’s hard to come up with increasingly creative stories over time. We’re not at the point yet where The Flash feels tired, so we don’t have to worry about that for now.

We’ll probably learn the full The Flash season 6 premiere date at some point a little later this summer, and hopefully to go along with that, some other news will also start to come to light. Take, for example, who the Big Bad is going to be, and also who is going to be in the cast. Some of those questions could be answered in the finale and if not then, maybe some more good stuff will start coming out about it over the course of the summer. We’re hoping for a season that gets a little bit back to big speedster battles, and also one that takes place in more of a singular time period.

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