Is Alex O’Loughlin leaving Hawaii Five-0? Who got shot? (season 9 finale)

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 cast photoTonight, the Hawaii Five-0 season 9 finale told a number of different stories — one put much of Hawaii in danger, whereas another ended up being so much more personal.

Let’s start things off here with one Aaron Wright, a man who decided to orchestrate a big arms deal, kill anyone in his way, and then eventually get away from the island via plane. He’s an incredibly smart guy and with that, he concocted a pretty bold plan. He almost would’ve gotten away with it too, were it not for that meddling Jerry! He was able to actually hack into his plane, deplete his fuel, and force him to come back to the island.

In the aftermath of Wright’s arrest, there was just one question: Would he tell Five-0 who he sold his cyber-weapons to? That was the difference between him having a forever sentence and a very long one. In the end, the weapons were captured and the day was saved … but we were still worried about something that was going to be coming down the road.

Ultimately, we got that surprise in the form of Danny, who admitted to Steve that he told him an “untruth” last week about going to New Jersey — he went to Kauai with Rachel instead. (We actually thought that this “untruth” would be a little more devastating.)

Here’s your cliffhanger

As it turns out, Omar Hassan’s wife wanted to come to the station to apologize and offer forgiveness over what happened to Joe and the painful events of the past — maybe this was McGarrett and company letting their guard down, or maybe this was just a well-executed plan. Either way, this was actually a mission for her, as she pulled out at a gun and fired in the closing seconds, in the direction of Steve. We know a bullet was fired, but we don’t know if it hit Steve or Jerry, who was nearby.

Is Alex O’Loughlin leaving? We haven’t heard anything, but obviously the finale wants you to worry. THAT is your cliffhanger and it’s a meaty, pretty darn dangerous one.

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Junior searches for his father

Herein lies the most painful, personal story of the hour — Junior having to face his dad after what he did at the parole hearing. When he chose to offer forgiveness to the man who killed his sister, he did so thinking that it would provide him with a sense of healing. Maybe it did for him. However, it did not offer that to his father, who wanted nothing more than revenge. He tracked down the man and contemplated killing him — he was just too afraid to pull the trigger.

When Junior found him, his father effectively disowned him and he ended up going to see Tani for consolation.

Is Adam moving forward?

After starting off this season devastated and looking for any consolation possible after losing Kono, we’re happy that he seems to be ready to move forward. We’re happy that Adam is starting to find that. It is sad that he and Kono are barely speaking at this point, but the guy does deserve happiness and he’s on the way for that.

CarterMatt Verdict

If you wanted crazy, we think that this finale brought you that with the cliffhanger in the closing minutes. It was shocking, but also heartfelt at other moments. Consider it the Five-0 mix you wanted with a serious side of STRESS for the future.

When could season 10 premiere?

We discuss that and a little bit more over at the link here.

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